MY HILL!! Game

I vibrate at hypersonic speeds and my body's molecules move temporarily further apart, allowing me to phase through Rae's trap. I run up the hill, tickle Roadkill until he falls over, and claim my hill.
Since I still have the Kree battle cruiser in geosynchronous orbit, I have the ship obliterate SP with a particle beam and retake MY HILL!
I create a computer virus that attacks the battle cruiser's computer flight/defense system, which eventually causes the ship to fall from the sky. I then drop kick Roadkill. MY HILL.
I resurrect in the sky and plummet at Rae, smashing her into the ground and claiming my hill.
I rise up from my fall and do the one-inch punch on Prime. He falls to his knees and I push him down,down, down...MY HILL.
I use the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique on Raelis Shae and toss her body off MY HILL!
I rise again as a zombie and proceed to attack Roadkill from behind. I break his neck and eat his brains. I throw away the leftovers. MY HILL.
I wake up and crawl out. I take Rae by the arm, lift her over my head, swing her around and around, then let go, throwing her into the distant horizon. MY HILL!!
Upon emerging from his vat, Roadkill Mk10 summons Nyarlothotep the Creeping Chaos to drag SP screaming to the all devouring maw of Azathoth at the center of the universe and, consequentially, off of MY HILL!
The entity sends me back for mysterious reasons. I transmit into Roadkill's body and burst out, defeating him upon my hill.
The newly emerged Roadkill Mk11 places the Elder Sign upon the hill driving the Azathoth sent SP into the Void and off MY HILL!
I return with a zombie army and swarm the hill. They carry Roadkill and bury him in a pit of fire. MY HILL.
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Roadkill Mk12 brings back an oldy but a goody, napalm, to incinerate Raelis Shae and her zombies. MY HILL!
My immortal soul takes control of a powerful mind controller. I hypnotise Roadkill and convince him he is a wolf puppy that needs to go back to his pack. He leaves yapping and howling off.

Raelis Shae's wolf hypnosis triggers Roadkill Mk12's latent lycanthropy and he storms the hill as a werewolf consuming her mind controller/her and taking back MY HILL!
I open a portal to the Void next to Roadkill. The pressure sucks him in before it closes. I exit a similar portal in space and land on my hill.
My buddy Yog-Sothoth removes me from the void and hurtles SP outside the space/time continuum and I retake MY HILL!
My all too sudden absence creates a quantum disparity, and the universe forces me back into existence. The electromagnetic activity in the region leads to Roadkill being struck by lightning. My hill.
Fortunately, I'm immune from lightning because of my magnetic personality! :woot: So I pull out my Ingram Mac10, dump a magazine of 9mm into SP, and kick his carcass off of MY HILL!
I return with a gigantic ACME magnet and with it I manage to disarm Roadkill. I then use all his firearms to blast him to smithereens. MY HILL.
I recover from my bruising enough to climb up the hill and back-hand Rae into unconsciousness. PRIME'S HILL!
I gain consciousness and use my ACME magnet to attract a giant anvil above Prime's head. It promptly drops on him and he slides gently off MY HILL.
Roadkill Mk13 uses a gigantic electromagnet with reversed polarity to drive Raelis Shae and her magnet off of MY HILL!
I unleash a monstrous amount of metal eating bacteria on Roadkill. They devour his electromagnet and munch the rest of him as well. he leaves covered in red, gelatinous slime. MY HILL.
I hose myself off and then infect the bacteria and Raelis Shae with a nasty retrovirus and retake MY HILL!

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