My Idea for a DC Universe do you agree, whats yours?


Mar 2, 2013
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This it my take on what a DC film universe could have been if DC had started planning this out right when Nolan announced MOS and Batman was his final DC directorial movie. Heres my Take with characters, plot ideas etc and how itd link let me know what you think and what yours would be . PS I know it looks like Marvels Universe but I believe this is the way to go and this is only up to and I quote phase III theres plenty of ideas after

"Phase I "

MoS 2013
Flash 2014 (Origin vs Mirror Master post credits a plane crashes)
WonderWoman 2014 (Origin includes Trevors arrival and Ares trying to invade the main land.. post credits Batman researches the heroes)
The Batman 2015 (Year 2 ..Black Mask and Deadshot + Robin origin post credits a kryptonite rock is found)
MoS II 2016 (Lex and Metallo... post credits Hal Jordan speaks to Superman about an invasion coming)
Justice League 2017 (Darkseid and a global invasion not a city wide a global! A.R.G.U.S and military involved)

"Phase II"
Aquaman 2018 (origin story Black Manta)
Worlds Finest 2019 (Flash and Lantern vs Grodd)
Lantern Corps 2020 (Hal and John Stewarts vs Sinestro corps)
Trinity 2020 (Batman Superman Wonderwoman.. based on Batman:Superman Apokolyse)
Batman: The Demons Head 2021 (Ras Al ghul... Robin quits and post credits files are stolen from the batcave)
Justice League II 2022 (Tower of Babel/Doom.. Batman quits)

"Phase III"
Green Arrow 2023 (including Black Canary ..Deathstroke)
Amazon 2023 (Cheetah)
Flash II 2024 (Proffesor Zoom)
MoSIII 2024 (Doomsday death/rebirth connor kent involved)
Batman: The Killing Joke 2025 (Joker paralyses barbara kills jason todd)
The Outsiders 2027 .. (Batman forms the outsiders (Nightwing, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Static Shock etc vs Injusitce League.. previous villains )
Justice League III 2028 (Kingdom Come.. Outsiders vs JL with a villain (cant brainstorm a villain that well)
I personally dont think they should look at continuing solo films of phase one til after phase two in order to leave a big enough gap, to not rush production and finally allow the spot light on heroes like aquaman and lantern, expand the universe like JLA unlimited but ofc focus on the core group but keep glances of other heroes like nightwing static black canary
If they were to ever make Green Arrow Supermax I would just spin the TV show off into the film when it eventually ends (which I'm assuming is either season 4 or 5). Plus it's probably cheaper to make using the actors from the show too.
TDK trilogy 2005-2012
(Green Lantern - 2011)
Man of Steel -2013
The Flash - 2015
Wonder Woman - 2015
Justice League - 2016

Batman: Beyond the Mask (Robin Blake) -2017
The Green Lantern Corps (John Stewart) -2017
Man of Tomorrow -2018
Flash: Through Time (introduce Kid Flash) -2018
Wonder Woman: The Amazon - 2019
King of Atlantis - 2019
Justice League 2 - 2020


TDK 2005-2012
MoS - 2013
Justice League - 2016

Wonder Woman - 2017
The Flash - 2017
The Green Lantern Corps- 2018
Batman: Beyond the Mask - 2018
King of Atlantis - 2019
Man of Tomorrow - 2019
Justice League 2 - 2020
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TDK trilogy-2005-2012
Green Lantern-2011
Man of Steel - 2013

Justice League - 2015-16

Wonder Woman-2017
The Aquaman of Atlantis -2017
The Flash - 2018 (Barry Allen, both Wally West and Jay Garrick are both featured as supporting characters. Jay only serves a mentor role, and while Wally does have powers throughout the movie, he doesn't become Kid Flash till the very end.)
Green Lantern Corps. -2018
Green Arrow-2019
Justice Society: The Golden Age -2019
Justice League 2 -2020

Legion of Superheroes -2020

Note: I want JSA, JL 2, and LOS to go together as a trilogy with Vandal Savage featured in some capacity in all three as a villian, to create a sense of his immortality.

Batman: What am I?-2021 (introduce Robin)
Man of Steel 2-2021
Wonder Woman 2-2022 (introduce Donna Troy)
Flash 2 - 2022
Aquaman 2-2023 (introduce Aqualad)
Green Arrow 2-2023 (introduce Speedy)
Green Lantern 3-2024
Justice League 3-2024 (Apokalyptic Invasion, sidekicks fight alongside the League and form the Teen Titans)

JSA 2-2025
LOS 2-2025

Crisis-2026 (mega team up of JSA, JL, and LOS. Multiverse is alluded to, but more focus is put on all of history being threatened, represented by the alliance of past,present, and future.)
Phase 1:
Man of Steel-2013
Wonder Woman-2017-Villain(s): Ares
The Man of Tomorrow-2017-Villain(s): Lex Luthor and Brainiac
Batman: The Court of Owls-2019-Villain(s): The Court of Owls, Ra's al Ghul
Talon-2020-Villain(s): The Court of Owls
Trinity-2020-Villain(s): Vandal Savage
The Last Son of Krypton-2021-Villain(s): Eradicator
Batman: The Demon-2021-Villain(s): Ra's al Ghul
The Green Lantern-2022-Villain(s): Hector Hammond
The Justice League-2022-Villain(s): Darkseid

Phase 2:
Princess of the Amazons-2023-Villain(s): Strife
Batman: Hush-2023-Villain(s): Hush, Riddler, Clayface, Killer Croc, the Joker, Harley Quinn
The Flash-2024-Villain(s): Unknown
SuperMAX (Green Arrow)-2024-Villain(s): Merlyn, Count Vertigo, Clayface, Killer Croc
Batwoman: Elegy-2025-Villain(s): Alice, The Religion of Crime
The Yellow Lanterns-2025-Villain(s): Sinestro, Sinestro Corps
The Tower of Babel-2026-Villain(s): Ra's al Ghul

Phase 3:
Batwoman: Medusa (based on the recent arc, it also involves a WW team up)-2027-Villain(s): Medusa
The Amazon-2027-Villain(s): Cheetah
The Green Lantern Corps-2028-Villain(s): Parallax and Star Sapphire
Batwoman: (Unknown title)-2029-Villain(s): Unknown
Batman: The Black Mirror-2029-Villain(s): James Gordon Jr, The Dealer, Carmine Falcone
Superman-2030-Villain(s): Doomsday and Metallo
Kingdom Come-2031

Also note that the TV Show Arrow would be a part of the universe.
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Phase 1

Man of Steel 2013

2015- Batman Reboot Penguin, Tony Zucco, Reaper, and Dick Grayson. Based off of Year 2 and Dark Victory.

2015- Wonder Woman Steve Trevor crashes on Themyscira and Diana returns with him to stop a plot by Hades and Ares to start World War 3 to gain enough power to take over Olympus.

2016- Worlds Finest- Based off Batman/Superman #8-13 and Action Comics #866-870. Cameo for Hal Jordan and Amanda Waller and Project Cadmus.

2016- Flash, Barry Allen is a forensic scientist for the Central City Police Department. Berry is put on the case of the missing professor Ira West. West had been working of a chemical called Velocity 9. Barry finds the V9 and while transporting it is attacked by Captain Cold, the same person that took Ira. Barry is hit by lightning while holding the case of V9. Barry soon finds he has the superhuman power of speed. Using his new powers he finds West and together they work to take down Captain Cold and the people that he was working for.

2018- Green Lantern Reboot, Manhunters and Sinestro

2018- Justice League Based on Justice League of America #144 the member of the League are brought together after the Martian Manhunter calls them to his aid. The team rescue him from White Martian forces that have started to secretly invade the earth.

Phase 2

2019- Supergirl and the LOS

2019- MOS 2 Cadmus clone Superman making Bizarro

2020- Wonder Woman 2 Diana’s friend British archaeologist Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva becomes the Cheetah.

2020- Flash 2, Trickster, Mirror Master, and Wally West

2021- Batman 2, Riddler as the villain working for the Demons Head to test Batman. Dick Grayson is Robin, intro for Barbra Gordon. End of the movie Nigma threatens to expose Batman's secret identity, however telling would make the riddle worthless leaving Batman’s secret safe.

2021- JLA 2 based off of JLA #43-46 Tower of Babel. Demons Head kidnaps Dick Grayson as a way to get Batman to meet their leader Ra's al Ghul. Batman turns down their offer to join as Ras’s right hand. The Demons Head sets out to take back the earth and attacks the JL using Batman’s files on the team to take them down. In the end Batman is kicked out of the team, GL is recalled to Oa, and Wonder Woman returns to Themyscira leaving Superman no choice but to disband the team.

Phase 3

2022- Green Lantern 2, Mongel, Yellow Lantern Corp- Intro Guy Gardner, Jon Stewart, and Katma Tui. Mongel and Warworld are taken down by the GL Corp and in retaliation Mongel uses the yellow rings from the Weaponers to form an army to attack coast city to get even with Hal Jordan. Katma Tui is killed and her ring finds Guy Gardner as her replacement, Hal is MIA after the destruction of his home, and with John injured the Guardians place Guy in charge of earth.

2022- New Gods- Orion finds out about his real father; Darkseid, and leads an attack on Apokolips. In the slave pits he finds Scott Free and Big Barda, and learns about Darkseid’s plans to acquirer the Anti-Life Equation. In the end Orion stops Darkseid from getting the Equation but Scott and Barda are boom tubed to earth without a mother box.

2023- MOS 3, Morgan Edge, the head of the Galaxy Broadcasting System television network hires G. Gordon Godfrey as a tv news host who starts a hate-campaign toward Superman and the other superheroes. While at the same time is working with Bruno Mannheim to take over the cities underworld with alien weapons. Superman stops Mannheim, Edge, and shuts down Intergang and comes face to face with Kanto and Kalibak.

more to come

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