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World My new upcoming Superman5 projects site+(Superman:The New Movie scriptreview excerpt)


Aug 11, 2005
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On the opening day of the site: One of the first uupdates will be a script review of Superman: The New Movie:
The Salkinds had also been producing the TV series Superboy. During the programme's tenure, the Salkinds considered restarting the film franchise as a spin-off of the TV series. Using the working title of Superman: The New Movie, the film would have shown Superboy (Gerard Christopher) moving from Smallville to Metropolis and assuming the name Superman.

Here's an excerpt of the script review:

It was both exhilarating and depressing reading this script. Exhilarating to finally read a script where the writers get Superman and his universe. To read a script where he's respected and treated with the grandeur he deserves. And it's nothing we've seen before in any Superman film. Most of the script takes place on Brainiac's ship, either in Metropolis or in Kandor. There is a plethora of new characters, but old/familiar faces aren't given short shrift. The characters are well drawn, there's a humanity and a depth in this script, but the action and FX scenes aren't ignored either. Reminiscant of STM and the now released Spider-Man, this is about more than just action and FX. Depressing in that we know this script was never filmed, and never will be. And that's a crime!


Superman 5 Returns - June 2006!

Im being nice so here is some more of the script review:


It's action packed, and feels like Superman when you read it. It's written by Cary Bates and Mark Jones. Bates is a former Superman comic book writer, and both he and Jones were script editors/writers on the now defunct Superboy TV series. It's very faithful to the mythos, and all the characters we love (Superman/Clark, Lois, Perry, Jimmy) are there. The script comes to 136 pages long and is dated July 23 1990.

The earliest battle scene reminded me of later Superman scripts (those I mentioned above). It's clear that later writers must have at least been shown this script when they were hired to write their Reborn/Lives drafts. Brainiac, at the script's beginning, is the robot he was in the 80s comic books, later becomes the green-skinned humanoid that appeared in the comics prior to his transforming into a robot, and later reverts back to his robotic form. He has a sidekick on his ship, called Kosmo, also from Brainiac's planet of Colu. Early scenes between Brainiac and Kosmo are a little humorous, not campy per se, but they strangely work better than perhaps my description implies. They are are eerily reminiscent of similar scenes in Poirier and Smith's scripts, though they took the humour too far.

The script is clearly a sequel to the Salkind produced/Christopher Reeve starring Superman movies (which excludes Superman IV, as that was made by Cannon Pictures).


Wait till June to read the rest....!
I'm looking forward to it... be sure to keep up posted. Did you write the script review yourself? if so, good job finding that script! If not... good job finding that script review! I can still remember flipping through the pages of a Starlog magazine and coming across the news of them making this movie.... man was I excited..
Actualll PS442, I found it on the internet. ANd I think the link is dead for it now not even www.archive.org has it I think. I also found a few pages from the script and wil hopefully get more from some one who has read the script. I know somone who read the script and has i, (I know him through MSN) so I might get him to answer a few questions possibly hopefully in the coming months or maybe next year ill have the Abrams script online!

Opening Pages for the first week or so will be:

Superman: THe New Movie project pages
Superman Reborn
Misc. Superman 5 projects
maybe even more.....


I do need help on the site:

Jimmy Olsens: Anyboyd who coudl send me exclusive pictures or Superman 5 pictures found on the web.

Clark Kents: Write Articles for the website concernieng anything with comic book heroes mostly.

Lois Lane: People who have exclusive knowledge and also are "insiders" or were insiders that know alot about the projects. Or could put one of the scripts online....! :)

[email protected]
This sounds like it going to be an awesome sight. I can't wait, so when are you expecting the site to be updated? I love hearing about passed projects that never were.
Im opening it up on June here's the individual project pages:

Superman: The New Movie
Superman Reborn
Superman Lives
Superman Flyby
Batman vs. Superman
Mis. Superman 5 Projects (4 or five projects inside)
Superman Returns.

I think that is it....im reallty excited for my site also!!:)
boywonder13 said:
Im opening it up on June here's the individual project pages:

Superman: The New Movie
Superman Reborn
Superman Lives
Superman Flyby
Batman vs. Superman
Mis. Superman 5 Projects (4 or five projects inside)
Superman Returns.

I think that is it....im reallty excited for my site also!!:)

Good luck with your site, you can put me down as someone who will be there for the opening!
I've been looking for the script of this movie forever.

Do you have it?

Wasn't Gerard Christopher supposed to be Superman as well.
bump..... wonder how things are going with the site...
yo, care to copy n paste the script and email to me? it sounds fantastic.

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