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Dec 6, 2005
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first let me star off by saying im no good at Photoshop(as you can see. some of you may know that im trying to pen a script for X4, these posters are just little samples of what been on my mind(Teams and Characters) this thread is mainly to let you guys know what actors i have selected to play the new Parts(Avalanche,Gambit,Havok,Quicksilver) and the actual teams(So far) i have selected.


Introducing Taylor Kitsch as Gambit.

Jubilee Finaly Earns her Suit:woot:



Paul Walker as Havok(i think he would be a great havok, not only does he have that it factor but if you guys seen Running Scared, he can act as a badass and not only a Boarder

Ryan Gosling as Quicksilver(I plan on an emotional confrontation between he and his father thats why i chose Ryan Gossling)

Carlos Shabo as Avalanche(Yea peeps that myself, i plan on starting my acting career this year and hopefully by years end i will moved to LA, i personally think im a great actor but of course i could use some work, but if i were to ever get cast, i think i will pull of the best Avalanche EVER.

again sorry guys for the bad photoshopping. and as you guys can see, i bought back a few friends from X1 and X2:cwink:

this script is gonna Fricken rock I PROMISE YOU GUYS THAT
Taylor Kitsch as Gambit? Whoo hoo! *squeekness apporoves* :D
nice job, but pauls head is a lil small for that body
Interesting choice having Ryan Gosling as Quicksilver. But the kid can definitely act, and could possibly bring depth to the character.

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