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Sequels OMG! Im Gonna Faint, This Has To Be A Sign!


May 15, 2007
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many of you know that Taylor Kitsch will most likely be gambit!(WOOT!), but many of you dont know that i wanted him to be gambit from the start http://forums.superherohype.com/showthread.php?t=275753

im not sure if anyone here, knows exactly what im doin, so let me explain.

a while ago(maybe March of 2007) i bgean to write X4, with cast and everything in place heres my Summed up thread for this

alright im back. so month pass along and my script isnt going the way i want it to, the script itself is amazing and everyone would be stoked to see this, but the general feeling im getting is that im wasting my time trying to pen the script since 20th own the rights and stuff like that, that would bring me back to earth. so when this news came along that Kitsch is cast, the doubt went away, no offense guys but i am THEE ONLY person who wanted Kitsch as gambit(Well documented).

so i am taking this as a sign and i have again resumed my script writing, so am i in the wrong to resume again? am i wasting my time? or should i really go on with this?

peace peeps

-Your writer for X4!
You are delusional... even if Gambit is in... its just a nod to the fans.
I'm so happy for you. This has actually happened to me twice now, though, and it's not all that it's cracked up to be

Batman Begins was MY idea from the start. I wrote the original screenplay and just for fun back in 2002, and actually had a section in the back where I wrote out my dream cast. Well, I had left the script out, and not long after that I returned home one day to find my house completely trashed and the script missing. I can only assume that this was all David Goyer's doing because later on I find that not only has the new Batman movie ripped off all my ideas, but every single person I suggested has been cast!!!!! At the time, I was actually very excited just to see my words on the screen so I didn't pursue it.

Anyway, some time later I had, again, for fun, decided to write a sequel to MY work, at the time entitled "Batman Continues." Learning my lesson, I was just about to submit the script to the WGA when suddenly 3 men burst into the room with machine guns and ordered me to hand over the script! I immediately recognized the men as Chris Nolan, David Goyer, and Ryan Seacrest. At first I tried to refuse but Nolan bashed me in the face with the butt of his gun and and Seacrest jumped and flying kicked me in the teeth and then ripped the script from my hands. Afterwards they burned down my home, and I have been homeless ever since.

So while you might think it's "cool" now, I URGE you not to continue unless you want to end up like me. Poor and toothless.
With this logic, there was absolutely no reason why he couldn't have been in any of the other X-Men films.

I just hope that Hood proves Singer, Ratner, Penn, Kinberg and all the rest that Gambit could've made a decent addition in an X-Men movie, even if it is a small role.

i personally think gambit shouldnt be in the wolverine movie since honestly he really has nothing to do with wolverines story, if they told me he has to be in it, i would have a small perfect role for him in the end that would make sense for him to be in my X4, but hey this is the xmen thread not wolverine thread.

am i getting a false sense of security for this happening? because when i introduced gambit in my movie i would have been screwed if they casted anyone besides kitsch in the role. i personally think its a sign from god to continue writing because that was a huge obstacle(if they casted someone besides kitsch as gambit) that has been cleared for me
Avalanche™;14101253 said:
the script itself is amazing and everyone would be stoked to see this

somehow I'm not convinced
I always thought there would be an xmen movie when i was little , so i started throwing up some ideas and then BOOM . The movie came out. It had Magneto as the villian ( I so thought of that ) , Patick Stewart as Professor X ( i had that one in mind as well) , and a fight taking place in New York City (that was my idea as well). frickin hollywood is a bunch of mind thieves.
lol. Yeah. Patrick Stewart was born to play Professor X as soon as he went bald. :p

Oddly, i always thought Patrick too obvious and too benign-looking for the Xavier role. The Xavier of the comics and cartoons looks a little more stern.
I have no idea what this guy will be doing in the Wolverine movie. But if he is in it, good for the fans of his character. Maybe hey'll get a subplot of some sort.
Oddly, i always thought Patrick too obvious and too benign-looking for the Xavier role. The Xavier of the comics and cartoons looks a little more stern.

Yeah i remember when I was 5-6, when TAS was still on, I imagined a live-action movie and always knew Stewart would be Professor X (or the bald guy from Star Trek as I called him lol).

Lol this reminds me of my other casting choices though lol (Whoopi Goldberg as Storm and Kathy Segal as Jean because of her red hair in Married with Children). hahaha

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