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Aug 3, 2012
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So, I'm pretty new to superhero comics, other that the occasional comic book I read as a kid, and recently decided that I'd give it a chance, with DC having a handy (?) reboot-ish thing and all.

So I got a hold of week 1-9, but I'm not really sure where to start, or how to read it.

I'm not really planning to read every one of the 52 comics (damn, that's many titles..), but pretty much just the ones about the core guys, like Justice League obviously, and Batman, Flash, GL and the Man of Steel.

I do, however, want to read other stuff if it takes part in the same story as JL and the others, and I might loose out on important stuff otherwise.

So yeah, is there some kind of logical starting point and/or reading order? I've already read Batman #00 and Justice League #01, before I figured I'd get some guidance. Help is much appreciated! :whatever:
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Just start from #1 and go from there. #0 for every title is supposed to be read after #12. Like a 1 year anniversary thing for the New 52.

The big starting and focal point for the entire universe was Justice League #1.

If you want recommendations on what to buy you can ask that too.
Ok, thanks. How is the connectivity between each of the series? Are Batman and Batman & Robin in the same continuity? Should I read #1 of all the comics I plan to read, or would it be better to follow one comic at the time?

The comics I plan to read are Justice League, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Superman, at least to begin with. It's pretty hard for a noob to figure out how it all fits together xD
Pretty much every comic takes place all in the same continuity. If it doesn't, it will say in the title that it doesn't, eg Earth One and Earth 2.

So, Batman & Robin takes place in the same continuity as Batman, Nightwing, Batman Inc etc. But there will be references or clues within each story that will let you know when they take place. For example, Batman's first arc is pretty non stop, so Batman & Robin takes place after, and Batman Inc even later, because it references events from Batman & Robin.

But emphasis isn't really placed on when the individual series take place, there's not usually a lot of interconnectivity between titles, maybe once every couple years they will cross over. But they rarely contradict each other massively.

As for your title picks, Justice League is good, but it's like a Michael Bay film, very flashy but not much substance. Batman starts off very strong, but I and a few others felt it deteriorated very quickly, I would actually recommend reading Batman Incorporated, however, that is the finale to a pretty long (but amazing) Batman story. Flash and Green Lantern are good choices, and as for Superman, you would probably be better off going with Action Comics.

You could start at #1 for every title, but if you prefer, I think the #0 month sets up new stories for every character, so you could jump in next month with #13.
I just started out on Justice League, and even though the graphic violence, I often find it even more children oriented than the animated series.. The #00 issue of Batman, that I read, seemed a lot more mature, though!

As for Superman, I'm not big fan. I just figured he's an important character and all, so I probably should read it?! And what exactly is Action Comics? That and Detective Comics; are those like some golden era stuff?
Justice League has been a little weak, but there are other more interesting titles you could pick like Action Comics, Batman, Wonder Woman, Demon Knights, and many others.

Action Comics 1# was Superman's first appearance ever, and since then he has allways been in the title, while Batman's first appearance was in Detective Comics 27# and since then he has also been the main feature of the title, it all started during the golden age, during that time most comics were for genres and had many stories, after Superman and Batman were so successful they received titles with their oun name that ran with Action Comics and Detective Comics
Thank you, I will definitively read batman, and see where it goes from there ;)

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