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Sequels new superman director


Ooga Chakka
Sep 5, 2006
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Now i understand that i could i get flamed for posting this, but i figured i'd throw one of my ideas out there. Now i personally like bryan singer, but i feel his vision isnt right for the superman franchise, ie. superman stalking lois, and the over all dark, dreary feel of the superman returns. So after the man of steel, if bryan singer decides not to come back as director, i think kevin smith would be a good repalcement director/ writer mainly from wut he said in this quote from when they had him signed to direct superman lives:

'They had a script for ARCHITECTS OF FEAR that they felt didn't work,' says Smith. 'I read it and felt there was nothing I could do with it. With BEETLEJUICE, I figured leave well enough alone. But Superman was one that I was kind of intrigued by, because of my love for comic books and because I read the script they were working from at that time and hated it. Batman is about angst; Superman is about hope. That was the thing that bothered me about Greg Poirier's draft: they were trying to give Superman angst. They had Clark Kent going to a psychiatrist at one point. Superman's angst is not that he doesn't want to be Superman. If he has any, it's that he can't do it all; he can't do enough and save everyone. It's not enough to make him want to quit being Superman; it's enough to make the guy stay up at night so he's out doing **** constantly.'

He really seem, in my opinion, to get what superman is about and has the right vison. In superman returns they gave him the sort angst u would find in batman. I'm looking for input on this idea, so please, feel fre to comment.
o crap, i just saw that there was already a thread about replacment directors, could mod just delete this thread? again sorry

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