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Next Batman Villain?


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Sep 19, 2009
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I feel we need a thread for this, as everything else is all over the place on other threads. I want us all to get a good picture of who we want Batman to fight next time, and why?
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This guy ! but i want very dark, realistic approach not cheesy like the nolan flicks. i want WB to ressurect Bergman and have him direct this.
If they kept it in the Nolanverse, I think the best choices would be Riddler and Hugo Strange. Black Mask maybe.
Freeze. Because he's awesome, that's why.
Lmao Condiment King. Genius!

Riddler is next, followed by Penguin. I would prefer Penguin though.

Court Of Owls is an interesting option. Not as the next villains, but id like to see them build into that.
I really would love to see Harly Quinn on the big screen.
Sure but not next. No joker...no Harley IMO.
I really want to see a more traditional take on The Penguin.
Hugo Strange is probably the best place to start, and then bring in staples like Mr. Freeze and Killer Croc from there. Best not to re-use Nolan's characters, aside from maybe The Joker.
Scarecrow (like the comics, etc) and Joker (with Harley) would be the only villains that i would enjoy returning over the next half a dozen films.
Scarecrow is perhaps the only villain they should use for a reboot, imo. We've seen Joker twice and while he is no doubt the most essential villain to Batman, there are countless other villains someone can use for a new set of films, or at least for a new trilogy.
I can't imagine a Batman trilogy without the Joker. He is the quintessential Batman villain. WB will not pass him by, IMO.
I don't think we can imagine it because it just hasn't been done yet. But as I said, with so many other villains, I could see a trilogy being used without Joker. It would definitely feel different without using Batman's greatest enemy, but there are simply just so many other choices if we only get just another trilogy for Batman again.
The Penguin, although i don't think he can hold a movie by himself. I would like to see a scenario where he is a Mob boss, a serious one, sinister and genius. if they do the Penguin they could easly incorporate Rupert Thorne and Black Mask into the story.
It's nothing to do with it not being done yet. We haven't had Killer Croc, The Ventriloquist and Scarface, Black Mask etc yet either, but I could envision them in a Batman trilogy.

The Joker is Batman's most popular and number one enemy. Aside from the fans wanting him, WB knows he's a cash cow that brings in audiences.
The Penguin.... and I believe he can hold a movie of his own

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