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Dec 21, 2002
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All generations bring something to the table, the 8-bits introduced many the video games; the 16-bits was an evolution on that; 32-bits was the maturity of gaming, showing that it could be more hardcore than ever (RE, Medal of Honor, Silent Hill...); last generation was the most important so far, last generation made the video game mainstream, everyone had one (specially the PS2).
This is the Wii era, everyone, men or women, young or old, everyone plays video games.
IMO, next gen will make video games be accepted by society, like movies, people will see that not every game is made for kids or teens, there are some that are aimed for a more mature audience, and they will be fine with it.

So, what´s your call?
Here's what I say:
Nintendo will do another amazing leap in gaming.
Sony will subtly copy it.
Microsoft will stick with what it knows but will improve online services.
what amazing leap did nintendo do? do you really call the wii an amazing leap in gaming? pretty low standard.
what amazing leap did nintendo do? do you really call the wii an amazing leap in gaming? pretty low standard.

You said it. Gamecube was pretty much a gimped knockoff of the PS2 with slightly better graphics, so I don't see how that was a "great innovation." Wii is essentially a Gamecube with a new controller. I suspect that the next generation Nintendo system will be like a premium version of Wii, with HD visual output a bit more in line with what their competitors are doing. However, I'd be skeptical about how far Nintendo would go, since they always want to keep the price lower than their competitors. Wii is Nintendo's cash cow now though, so I'm not really expecting them to push the envelope that much as long as they're still making lots of money.
i'd be looking forward to that so called Xbox 720 :woot:
I don't forsee much innovation, that's for sure.

Nintendo will make some slight improvement to their system, perhaps a more ambitious Nunchuk attachment. It may make the camera a basic part of the system, maybe a footpad will be ubiquitious. They will still remain behind graphics wise, perhaps just a step or two beyond Xbox 360.

Microsoft will continue to try to expand it's franchises, increase the technology and will play the format war very smooth. It will get a big boost from whatever comes after Vista as games and computing and media sharing all continue to converge.

Sony on the other hand will being shooting for full photoreality, and will promise as much.

There will be no new entrants, and EA will be THE game studio when it's all said and done. If MS has their way EA will be MS exclusive and... well... yeah.

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