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NiGHTS fans good news(hopefully true)


Jan 22, 2005
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Read this at another forum, not sure how accurate it is but...

In its latest issue, Famitsu claims NiGHTS Into Dreams is being re-worked, ready for exclusive release for the Nintendo Revolution, meaning that we'll be able to smile for minutes at a time without the aid of benzodiazepines for the first time since 1996!

The mag made no mention of what we can expect, though twisting the Revmote through endless groups of rings while being hypnotised by the best game music ever is a tempting thought.

As you'll know, re-makes of NiGHTS have been the stuff of Internet legend for a decade, with rumours cropping up of a Sonic Team update on one platform or another every six months or so. Given Yuji Naka's open praise of Nintendo's direction of innovation over raw power, the DS and the Revolution have long been the frontrunners in the race to make Sega fans the world over stop bemoaning the downfall of the Dreamcast.

Famitsu's claim also seems to confirm Naka's long-touted departure from Sega, a development that - if it should prove to be true - has been smothered by the firm since it emerged some weeks ago. The rumour in Famitsu reads, “A Game creator who recently went solo is developing this. It's an action game featuring an evil-spirit that looks like a pierrot clown flying through the air is coming out for Revolution.” If that's not Yuji Naka setting up a new studio and re-making NiGHTS, we'll eat two hats.

As soon as we find out more, it will be published on these pages in minutes. Stay tuned.
Yeah, but with Sonic Team's track record, you have to wonder....
I never got around to playing NiGHTS on the Saturn. Was it really that good?
Phaser said:
I never got around to playing NiGHTS on the Saturn. Was it really that good?
It's like a little slice of heaven.
Why? Its no secret Sonic Team favors Nintendo over the other first parties. It was most likely it'd be coming to a Nintendo system than any other.
I'm seriously contemplating on trying to go and find a copy of NiGHTS and a Saturn.
The game was amazing. It would be pretty fun to play it with the Revolution controller. This is good news for Revolution fans, and Nights fans.

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