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NYC serial killer with "number 8 fixation" stumps police

Dammit, so much for my plan to open up a pool hall called "Crazy 8s." And a ski rink called "Figure 8s." And a pet shop that specializes in spiders called "Eight Legged Cuddle Buddies."
And the police have dubbed him "John Doe Duffle Bag"?
Before reading the article;
Wait, I read that Hulk story; "Infinity killer gets dubbed as Crazy 8"

After reading:
8 in the address, Middle East origins, 50 years old shop owners, no surveillance camera?
One guy has a Pakistani name; "Rahmatollah Vahidipour"
Oh! The Serial Killer would have a significant effect on Number 8.
Alert Sesame Street!

Also, Jim Carrey in case he wants another numbers movie.
Maybe, just maybe it's...
And you just got Barnned! BAM!
Don't play this if you're in New York then:


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