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Apr 29, 2004
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Happy Halloween Hypesters!!!!
Monsters, Horror, Halloween!!!
Calling all monsters, zombies, werewolves, etc. Superheroes trick or treating, crazy witches, heroes as monsters, monsters as heroes, heroes vs monsters vs Hulk, all things that could fall under an All Hallow's Eve theme are welcome here!

* Contest is open to everyone.
* Submit / post your entry here in this thread.
* DO NOT swipe, trace or steal the artwork of another artist and pass it off as your own. This is for ORIGINAL works. References are fine, but copying/tracing is not. Always credit your references.
* Do not post Works In Progress in this thread. Make your own thread for that This thread is for your final submissions
* Also, please do not spam the contest thread by re-posting / quoting your entry multiple times
* Photo Manipulations are allowed
* One entry per user.
* Image must be uploaded to a photohost and uploaded to thread. links to outside sources won't work as a submission

DEADLINE: Oct 31 2012 (midnight PST)

WINNER: Winner will be announced after results of voting thread poll. Poll will run OCT 1 - OCT 8.

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great to hear guys, can't wait to see what everyone comes up with
I hope the dead air in here just means everyone is working on something amazing for this month's contest
I'm gonna have to shift my butt and get moving, lol
I just love Boris Karloff, so I tried my hand at his most famous monster:

I'll be entering this time - however page is complex - It will be available near the end of it - I have a sample on my forum- Taking my time this time
was hoping for more turnout this time, where is everyone?
Maybe they're all just putting finishing touches on some super-awesomely detailed work? I have a feeling that the day before this ends, everyone will post their stuff.
still trying to colour mine, just finding the time...speaking of which how much is left.lol
still trying to colour mine, just finding the time...speaking of which how much is left.lol

Either read the first message or All Hallows EVE- I have 1 as well but it's only about half done
I have a few ideas of something to do. I just hope I have time to finish it.
there is about a week left to get your submissions in!
Thanks ComicChick, almost finished just got to stick the two half together and colour the background.lol
Mine's nearly done, but I've damaged my drawing hand :doh: I should get it finished in time, but I'm guessing it'll be Sunday at the earliest.
Here's mine. It's Titled,.. It's our turn.lol

My October Entry

Based on a comic panel of Marvel Zombies Issue #3 (double page spread)

Also based on actual work I did in that comic and only created from the color layers of that page and with permission where possible - More details may be given in PM

Punisher - Zombie Diary October 31st entry #90210 - We the Zombie Heroes saw a spaceship up in the sky, and flew the Quin-jet up to meet them - to our amazement we Met a 40 foot tall guy all in purple - We asked - Him - Hey What ya doing? He responded - Oh Just got done munching on Milky Way and Snickers! - We all in unison yelled SCORE! - and proceeded to pull out our candy bags and yelled in unison "Trick Or Treat - Smell My Feet!" little knowing - he was talking the galaxies not the candy! - he then replied "Give me the planet Earth to eat!"
- Entry #90211 suplimentary - He's so getting a lit pile of dog poop on his front doorstep

Full;-sized image available here ->
or here

Some details of the Marvel zombies for those interested - this is partial Photo-montage (using real photos) and Photo-shop art - for example many different images of metal were used in the construction of galactus costume - while the zombie heroes was simply photoshop art - while yes may look a little goofy at times - I have never did this much detail on Zombie images - this is also based on previous versions of this image though most is completely redone
a real bacdrop of a ruined city was apropriate to this image
The larger images provided have more detail

all characters were fully redone - some original work from old version was left in like the lightening, and galactus face

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