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Of the 4 X-Men listed...

Chris Wallace

Jul 13, 2001
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Who, in your opinion, has the best looking costume?
They have all had a few, so which ones are we talking about?
My bad. I don't even know what costumes they are wearing now though, so I just won't vote.
Storm, because she's hot no matter what she wears. Even the Mohawk.
They all have many different costumes.
Yeah, but it says current costumes.
Oh yeah. Then Nightcrawler.
Which current costumes are we talking about? (As in, which X book?)
yeah, these polls really need pictures
If Nightcrawler's current costume had a collar, I'd go with him. Actually, I'm gonna go with him anyway, but if his current costume had a collar I'd vote for him even more.
PLEASE, no contest
I think the Astonishing X-Men Wolverine costume is the best he's ever had. But Storm's African duds are definitely a close second.
no pictures??

dunno what 'crawlers looks like off the top of my head...so i'll say wolverine.
If by "Yikes" you mean "HOT!!!", then yes, YIKES!
Quite the opposite.
And actually, by Storm's "current" look I meant the black & gold, which I think is a nice complement to BP.

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