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Official "Daria" Discussion Thread

Jul 7, 2005
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I love this show. Does anyone know if Australia will get the made-for-tv movies and the show on DVD?

Anyways it was on tonight on ABC KIDS and I got excited to watch it because I hadn;t watched it since I was in year two or three...year two sounds more correct though. So eight years...heyzeus.

Anyways, if you live in Australia and have free-to-air TV check out Daria at 5:30 pm every friday (from what I've gathered).

I'm off to get myself a Daria avvy.

I just saw images from some UK live-action Daria. Please don't tell me it was a live action rendition of it, because it looked awful :(
I didn't even know they made a live action tv series of the show.:eek:
Ugh, I hated that show. She was so effing whiney. Make mine Beavis and Butthead.
What live action Daria show? i never heard of it and Google knows nothing..
man i used to watch this show all the time

i remember me and my friend arguing about her sister's name. she was adamant that the name was Gwen but i knew all along it was Quinn. won 5 bucks on that :up:
Why MTV hasnt put this series on dvd yet is beyond me....I need some Daria in my life again.
Same deal with The Wonder Years, music rights.
screw music rights, just pay the money and give me my dvds or atleast put them on reruns on the channel (I dont get get The N in my room) so I can rewatch them.
I love this show. I never had cable back in the day, but thanks to YouTube I've been catching up on this masterpiece. This show is just as great as I anticipated.

I'd buy DVDs in a Heartbeat but I have a feeling Poor Daria is going to wind up with Adam West Batman, Green Hornet and Wonder Years in the vault never to be released. Maybe somebody has some bootlegs at the comicons.
I loved this show! They really do need to put it on DVD. I still wear my Daria watch every now and then. La-la-laaaaa-la-la.:word:
it'd be perfect if they wanted to make it more interactive and have mini Sick Sad World webisodes online
I loved this show!

BTW UMM, the link doesnt work.
I was surprised how good Daria was when I watched it on The N a few years ago. One of the few things from MTV that I actually like.

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