Should there be another Batman Live-Action Tv show?

A live action Batman show would totally work. Things like The Cape didnt work because well it was bad, the outfit was BAD. People know Batman, they accept Batman and his cape and a Batman show wouldnt need a huge budget and would be totally doable on a tv budget.
I'm sure people will scoff at it, in favor of a network like AMC or HBO, but I could really see Gotham Central working on TNT. It'd be like Southland, but in the Batman universe.
I was thinking about Scarecrow the other day and what he would be like on a new show. The fear-toxin is the kinda thing they do on "Fringe" all the time. They could have an episode start at a rave or something where some drugs are getting passed around. Turns out the drugs are laced with fear juice, sh** goes crazy, etc. Get a good director behind it, throw in a few simple but icky SFX and you'd have a hell of a teaser.

Also, Crane could appear on several early episodes well before he becomes Scarecrow.
And a few other things I'd love to see on a Bat-show:

-More mystery and detective work. If he can't bust out the Batwing every other episode, they can make up for it by throwing plenty of cool, twist-filled mysteries Batman's way.

-Catwoman as a major character. Selina should be the Damon Salvatore of the series, extremely charismatic, getting most of the best lines, not truly a villain but too unpredictable to be a hero. And watching the secret identity shenanigans between her and Bruce/Batman would be like watching two master spies go at it.

-Harvey Dent's entire arc, both before he becomes Two-Face and after. Especially after, because he would come back as the show's new main overarching villain. I'd really love to see Two-Face get put on trial and he of course defends himself (like in Dark Victory).

-Riddler. The great TAS reinvention only got 3 episodes as the main villain, and an hour-long series would allow for the more complicated stories that the TAS writers just couldn't pull off. It'd be amazing too see a similar version achieve that potential.

-Clayface. Of course it wouldn't be the TAS Clayface, which was already a mishmash of several different iterations of the character. A live-action show would simply apply a different mishmash that makes sense for a TV budget. There's a lot you could do with a shapeshifter; it could make for a great mystery that would keep everyone guessing, even fans familiar with the character.

-It's time to bring back Vicki Vale. The idea of a reporter trying to get the scoop on the Dark Knight is good meat for a prime time series.
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A live action Batman show similar to Batman TAS would be great. Have it on HBO with 5 seasons and 16 episodes each season. Every season would have a main storyline arc with a main villian but still some filler episodes with secondary villians.
I suppose it could be done. But some elements would have to be toned down.
If they ever do a Batman series, it won't be on HBO. Why limit it's appeal?
Money, freedom, no ****ing commercials... same reason every show is on HBO.
"Fringe", "Nikita" and "Person of Interest" have me totally convinced that a Batman show is doable on network TV.
Exactly. Not every show needs to be on HBO, especially not one as popular and flexible as Batman. What would you have to tone down that hasn't been toned down in other iterations? On B:TAS they weren't allowed to show broken glass, blood, or children in danger, and it was still the best cartoon of the 90's. You can do all those things in prime time. In what universe does Batman need gore and nudity to be awesome?
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I'm not from the USA so i don't really know which networks you have, however there are 3 channels i wouldn't like it to go, Fox, because if the show got less viewers it would end up on the possibilities of cancellation along with Fringe, AMC, because they're only interested in Mad Men, while Walking Dead's bidget was cut, not to mention that Batman should go to a channel that gives it a proper budget, and finally NBC, as they seem to have the same problem of Fox where they will cancell good shows that have a small rating for the channel, even if normally what are bad ratings for them are normal or even good ratings for other channels.

Watching Smallville, Nikita and Supernatural, CW wouldn't be a bad choice, if you guys would prefer a different network i have no problem, as long as it's one with budget and big enough for people to know it.
Airing it on the CW would really give that network a kick in the ass.
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"Fringe", "Nikita" and "Person of Interest" have me totally convinced that a Batman show is doable on network TV.
And whaddya know, all three of those shows are from Warner Bros. Television. BRING IT ON!!! :brucebat:
Im not sure a Batman show would work but another based on his extended family would. A Nightwing show would rock. Put in Huntress in the supporting cast would make for a good series
There is no way this would work for budgetary reasons. And if they went cheap, it'd look cheap. So... no.
I havent read through this thread, but just off the Topic I would say yes, there should be anouther live action Batman. But only if it's on cable network TV.

That wont happen of course since this is a popular franchise for all ages and they need everyone with a basic TV to be able to watch it.

I think CGI animated series would be the best way to go.
They're already doing CG animated with "Beware the Batman". I guess we'll see how that turns out.
I'm a huge fan of SW and I think the Clone Wars cg animation style would work. Of course I will give Beware the Batman a chance, but I'm already iffy about it. With the changes to Alfred, Batmans rogues, his look, hell even the title is a bit iffy to me. :funny: But seeing it all in cg animation may just push it over those humps for me.

Still think they could've came up with a better title though...
Can anyone estimate how much a show like this would cost to produce these days?
Yeah, i still think a live-action Batman show could be amazing, i would make it episodic but each season having a theme, for example, season 1 is Batman's first year and war on crime, with Joker slowlly rising to power, the Red Hood gang could appear early as a major threat too.

Season 2 would basically be The Long Halloween and 3 Dark Victory, and so on. For the 1st episode a modern adaptation of Detective Comics #27, introducing the characters and keeping Batman's identity a mystery until the end of the episode for those that didn't know much about the character before.

I would also give some episodes to gotham cops and other citizens, centering the events aroung them and giving a new perspective

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