Sequels Name who you want to have the most X4 screentime.

Hehe, the most screentime?
I know, I know, she already took the cure in X3, but that doesn't mean that's going to be the official end for her, I mean Magneto also took the cure and it already hints that he still has some of his powers left. So, for the most screentime, easy:

Ok bring back Nightcrawler. Cmon he didnt even get to die. Where the **** did he go?!

I would also put in Gambit, and Bishop (and not resurrect Jean and Cylops) - I'd also dearly love to see Banshee but I think future directors will have learned their lesson now about too many characters.

For a villain I'd have Sentinels invading. Because this is the third time the X-Men have saved the day and they still get no props from the public/government. There needs some big huge thing like the Sentinels the X-Men can defend the world against.
Anyone other then wolverine and strom.
Screentime should be equal between Wolverine, Storm, Iceman, Angel, Rogue, Kitty, Colossus, Beast, and Gambit. Or maybe write Storm out somehow, and lessen Wolverine's role. We've had enough of those two. It would be great to somehow get Cyclops back to lead the team also, but that seems highly unlikely.
One thing hope X-4 will be over a 2hr movie.

There is alot of people I would like to see get more screen time.
I think on X-men 3 the people who got more screentime was Jean, Magneto and Wolverine. Storm got something but not that big. I would have accept more the professor's death if cyclops did not die. Because in Xmen 1 ''If anything happens, I will take care of them''. Cyclops says that and if the professor died, Cyclops would be the new leader. The professor is hiding something tough. In X-men 3 Storm says ''You are not telling us something'' and then the professor stays like quiet and it was cyclops related because Storm was talking about him. They really need to remove all the questions they left us with. Oh and when wolverine and storm arrive why is Jean like thrown on the floor? She was kissing cyclops and supposely killed him but then what? That also really made no sense. I want all of this to be better understanded on X-men 4.
cyclops will be back, if not just becuase so many fans want him back, but becuase hes not "dead", why you ask, you didnt see him die. in every movie, if you don't see them actually die, they aren't dead. its not that im in denile, im just saying, how many times have we thought micheal meyers was dead? hmm? I'm thninking its gonna be harder to bring back jean grey, since its been done, and how many times does she have to die in this franchise?
Cyclops will return. James has been the the most loyal guy to the franchise, and most likely to do more flicks. plus, hes only 33, so he has at least two more in him.
In X3, Kitty got the screen time and action that we wanted Rogue to have. So I say Rogue, Jubilee, and Siryn need more screentime in X4.

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