One BIG burger!

350 for a burger? Does that includes the hospital visit? :p
We need visuals!

The ingredients for the 150-pound "Absolutely Ridiculous Burger":
120 pounds (precooked) Black Angus ground beef (about 90 pounds cooked)
18 3/4 pounds cheese
15 pounds bacon
7 1/2 pounds lettuce
15 pounds tomatoes
48-pound bun
Cost: $350 with 24-hour advance notice necessary
Calories: 270,000 (estimated)
Source: Mallie's Sports Bar and Grill

Who the hell would want to eat that!?!

He'd enjoy a cooked meal.
How many people would you need to eat that?
I'm shocked we're still a state.
Fran and I will tackle the task of eating that, who else?
Detroiters think of the dumbest things:

-Big-ass expensive useless burgers
I'd join in with Fran to tackle that burger.
2006 > 1985

I know we didn't win the WS, but let's check the standings for the past two years. :yay:
I think muscles would say he can eat it :hehe:
I thought we were talking about huge burgers not bad baseball teams.

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