Original Character, first fully realized drawing...

November Rain said:
oh i see, because the blade wasn't coloured in, i wasn't paying attention to it, silly me, it all makes sense now....

Glad we could help;)
Okay, haven't been around for awhile, saw the Play! symphony and that was amazing... the Super Mario Bros. Suite and all the Final Fantasy stuff was fantastic. Didn't get much art done though. Last night I had a few minutes and I got the colors where I wanted them to be for when I make my background. Since its going to be a night shot with the moon in it I needed a blue-ish and yellow tint.
A little hard to see on the white background but here it is.
Hope to have it finished up by the weekend.
C+C are always welcome...

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Alright finally got this one done.

Feel free to give c+c

Okay, so while it’s not the first Halcyon drawing, it is the first fully realized one, when I really got Gabe, how he looked, his enemies and so on.

Now what is a “Halcyon” you might ask?

Well aside from meaning “golden” or “prosperous” (i.e. halcyon years or golden years) it also has this fantastic definition: “A fabled bird, identified with the kingfisher, that was supposed to have had the power to calm the wind and the waves while it nested on the sea during the winter solstice.”

So I see our hero, aside from being young and new to the Superhero-ing and evil monster killing job, Gabe is part of a lineage (the seventh in fact) of fabled protectors who are supposed to help bring peace to the world.

So... thats the basic idea.

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