Ouya: The Newest Gaming System

If I had $99 to just throw around I'd get one, but life is in the way right now.
I hear ya buddy. I figure I can save up $99 in 28 days. I can always cancel it if I want before the time expires.
I can save up the money easily and I might be tempted to buy it just to support a new system&company..But it'll mostly depend on the games and know details about features&more detailed console specs!
It would becool it it was successful, but it need more original games. I will only buy it once they start to release groundbreaking games, Halo basically built the X-Box, Ouya needs their Halo, and it's not Minecraft as it can be simply played on the pc
Still i doubt that if all of their games are free to play they won't be able to have big games like Uncharted or Battlefield 3 (yeah, the FPS market is knd of too crowded butit can give them a lot of money), all of their games seem like they can be played on mobile phones or as cheap games on the pc
I mean could this really be a contender with the Wii U right around the corner? And also with the 720 and PS4 in development which are both looking to make new strides when it comes to gaming? The only thing ths is really offering is Open Source.
"We'll have games from major top publishers"and on the game selections it shows Madden'12,Plus it'll have games from all genres!!

So I'm guessing it might indeed have at least SOME top game titles?
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Episode 5: OUYA! Talking with Julie Uhrman

This week on the latest episode of Vic's Basement: Vic and Scott enjoy some idle chitchat with our special guest Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman. Yes, Julie is officially the first woman to visit the show, making her the Neil Armstrong of Vic's Basement.

source: EPD.TV/ROTR
Yes, Ouya is still supporting OnLive

(1 hour ago)

Yes indeed, the Ouya is still planned to have OnLive support at launch. Ouya announced in late July that OnLive cloud game streaming support would be in the Android-powered, Kickstarter-funded open-source console when it launches early next year. Reps from both companies reconfirmed their commitment to the collaboration this afternoon.

If this sounds a bit familiar, it's because OnLive has – in unspecific terms – said as much already. "All previously announced products and services, including those in the works, will continue and there is no expected interruption of any OnLive services," a statement by the company read last Friday. However, we've seen this question pop up repeatedly since last week, so we wanted to state each company's position on the record one last time. Just for you. Yup, you....

Before I forget this

GameStop interested in Ouya

(9 hours ago)

"We will be a part of any console launch in the future," GameStop CEO J. Paul Raines told Joystiq this morning, when asked about GameStop's interest in stocking the Ouya console.

Though he was clear to note that the company did not have an official announcement regarding any potential plans to carry the Android console, Raines was positive about the device. "We think Ouya's cool. We love the idea of open-source components. Everything we've read is great."

Raines related the new console to the Google Nexus 7 tablet that GameStop sells – and that Raines turned on during our conversation in order to remember a game he wanted to talk about (It was Dead Trigger.) "Here's the exciting thing that's happening: if you look at the power of the processor like the Tegra 3 or the x86 stuff that's coming on Windows tablets, you've got a processor now and graphics capability that are really exciting," he said.

"There will be games developed for that stuff. So you're going to see more of these open source type products, and we will be right in the middle of all of it."

The more support the better for Ouya's future&gamers!

  • Ouya Dev Consoles Ship In December

    on Nov 30, 2012 at 02:36 PM

    Ouya says developer consoles begin shipping next month on December 28. "The dev consoles are an early version of the Ouya console and controller designed for developers to test their games on Ouya," the team says.
    ... More
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I'm not"excited"for it But seems like a pretty cool concept and I can easily get $100(my own money)to spend so I'll get one when it's released to the public so I can support it
Apparently the first reviews for those who have received their machines have not been positive:


the device is currently being sold as a product, not a prototype, and that's just wrong. Ouya isn't a viable gaming platform, or a good console, or even a nice TV interface. I don't know what it is, but until Ouya figures it out, it's not worth $99.

Ouya team has responded:

“We will be making Ouya review units available in early to mid-May so that you are able to review the more complete consumer experience and prepare your coverage in time for the June 4th retail launch. “To clarify for you – Ouya has sent no review units out to press. Any reviews you have seen online are a result from individuals who received early backer units from supporting our Kickstarter.”

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So i still dont know what the hell this is. Can i play the big AAA games on this thing?
It's a Console for Android & Androidish Games
The console can still grow and get some good exclusives, but there's one thing i didn't quite understand, are all the games free in this thing?
Apparently this is coming out in a week or two and just from what I've been reading the buzz from those who have gotten their hands on it has been pretty negative.

I was deeply skeptical of this thing from the start. I remember when people on the net where heralding this thing like the second coming.
I was deeply skeptical of this thing from the start. I remember when people on the net where heralding this thing like the second coming.

The 2nd coming of what? Its made up of f'ing cell phone parts. Its plays games that you can already play on a device thats probably sitting in your pocket right now.

Damn i swear im missing something about this thing. I just dont get it.

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