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Paramedic stops guy from sawing his own arms off!

Heard about this. Said blood spatters were 50-75 feet. I hope no kids witnessed this.
I heard about this too. What is wrong with people? I just don't understand anymore.
I'm going with......bath salts.
I swear all the nutcases in this world are tilting the Earth off it's axis...
I was guessing it was Florida, but I was wrong. Bath salts a factor here, or something else?
It's a good thing they unarmed the man before anyone else could get hurt.
hopefully, this guy will be cut off from any outside human contact and spend some time in an institution...
best to keep that nutjob at arm's length...
while he's recovering, he can catch up on his gaming...

you know... Call to Arms... :whatever:
If they ever do a remake of The Fugitive, they should get this guy to be the One Armed Man.
it's a good thing that nutjob's not a gymnast and it's a good thing he wasn't successful in cutting his arms off...

doing cartwheels would have been a REAL b***h...

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