Pink Floyd The Wall

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Jan 1, 2006
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When I was a senior in HS back in 97, we were in music theory and my friend Josh conned our band director to let us watch this with our substitute while he was in Florida for an Iron Man competition. Little did he know that the wall was not the Pink Floyd live in concert video that he was thinking about. HAHAHA

When I saw this movie, it disturbed me...because I didn't understand it. My first yr in college I asked someone about it. He said you had to be stone to understand it. Then I was like so what is it like when youre stoned? He said I cant tell you because youre not stoned.

BUt, after yrs of avoiding this movie I decided to check it out to see if it was still that same movie I once watched halfway through in 97. Still it was confusing but thankfully the commentary helps you to understand it if you don't know jack **** about Pink Floyd.

I think this movie is incredible. It really dives deep into this guy's soul and pulls all of his demons out by the bone.I identified with it so much. I believe that everyone could identify with it if they really put theirselves in this guy's shoes. Its dark.....but what human soul doesn't have the potential of evil that's characterized in this movie?
I still haven't seen The Wall, and I'm ashamed of that because I'm a huge classic rock fan.
Pink floyd is great the movie was okay if you look at it as a mvie.
You don't need to be stoned to watch it.

Doesn't hurt, though.
"how Can You Have Any Pudding If You Don't Eat Your Meat!!!!!????"
I really liked that video for another brick in the wall part 2 I think. The school one.

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