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Placement in DVD collections


More human than human
Jan 22, 2006
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Ok so I know that there are some people out there like me who like to organize their movies by genre, but then sometimes you get those movies and your not exactley sure where to put them. For example I have a superhero/grahpic novel, action/crime, sci-fi, horror, animated movies, comedies, drama genres. So then do movies like a history of violence go under graphic novel or crime/action and then 30 days of night is that graphic novel or horror?
I put anything that's based on a comic, or had a comic series later based on it in the graphic novel section, which is then arranged itself first by publisher, then by tv or movie.
I have Marvel alphabetically then DC alphabetically then all other publishers' titles behind that. All on its own shelf.
i put everything in genre ... i would say graphic novels and comic books fall under the same category.
I don't separate by genre; I simply line up all my DVDs alphabetically. Then, when I get into film series, I bundle them in multi-disc cases, and keep them on another shelf. So far, I have all 3 "Jurassic Park" movies in one case, plus all the "Terminator" entries so far, and the first two of "X-Men", "Pirates", and "Bourne". Once I get the third of those, they'll recieve the same treatment.
I have...

Marvel Shelf

X-Men 1-3, Punisher 1989 Workprint, Punisher 2004, F4, F4 Rise of the Surfer, Spider-Man 1-3 & 2.1, MTV Spider-Man series, 70's Spider-Man series, Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends, Hulk 1980's cartoons, Ang Lee's Hulk, Captain America (yes), Daredevil & DD director's cut, elektra, Blade 1-3

DC Shelf

Superman IV UK rental VHS (rare version with extra footage), Superman animated series, Lois & Clark series 1 & 2, Christopher Reeve Superman boxset, 2001 Superman DVD, SUperman II, Superman II 3-disc edition, Superman II RIC, SUperman III UK TV version, Superman Returns, Supergirl, Fleisher shorts, Last Son of Krypton, Batman/Superman Movie, Mask of the Phantasm, Mystery of the Batwoman, Return of the Joker, Batman Vs Dracula, Batman the Movie, Batman 1989, Batman Returns, Forever, & Robin, Batman Begins, Catwoman, Batman animated series, Justice League animated, JLA Tv movie

Others shelf

The Crow, City of Angels, V for Vendetta, The Phantom, Hellboy, Rocketeer, The Shadow, LXG, Dick Tracy, Silver Hawk, Spawn (yeah), Ninja Turtles 1-3, TMNT, 2003 animated series

Aside from those, I have a boxsets shelf (Jurassic Park, LotR, Star Wars etc), James Bond shelf (everything including NSNA and the three MI movies), a Dr Who section, Three Musketeers section, comedy section...

To cut a long story short I have far too many DVDs.
All my comic related movies are in the same section, including things like Ghost World, From Hell and Black Mask.
The only separation I do with my DVDs is Movies in one section, TV shows in another, and then Music in it's own section.

And then arranged alphabetically.

I actually do like all of those, I'm not even going to use 'completist' as an excuse because I only buy stuff I like.

Except Superman IV. There really is no excusing that.
Depends...I have comic movies on a nice shelf. All other movies are scattered. Some by franchise, some by director, some by genre.

No real organization.
I have:
My animated shelf
BTAS-STAS-JL-JLU (still need batman beyond)
MOTP, Sub Zero, Mystery of the batwoman, Return of the joker directors cut, Braniac attacks, Superman: Doomsday

My DC Film shelf
Ultimate superman Collection
Batman Anthology
The Flash
Batman Begins
Batman (1943)
Batman & Robin (1949)
Batman the movie
Return to the batcave

My Superman TV shelf
Smallville seasons 1-6
Lois and Clarck seasons 1-4
Superboy season 1

My superhero shelf
Heroes season 1
Xmen 1.5
Blade 1-3
Spiderman 1-3
Daredevil directors cut
Ghost rider extened cut
Punisher extended cut
V for Vendetta
The Crow
The Shadow
Dick Tracey
The Phantom
The Rocketeer
Mystery men
Tick seasons 1-2

my sci-fi shelf
Startrek 1-10
Star Wars episode1-6
Red Dwarf series 1-8
Back to the future trilogy
StarGate extended cut
Galaxy Quest
Butterfly effect
Eternal Sunshine
Robocop 20th aninversary eddition

My tv show shelf
South Park seasons 1-7
Man Show 1-4
mr. Bean:the whole bean
Boy Meets world 1-3 ( damn beuna vista b*stards for not releasing anymore seasons)
Dinosaurs 1-4
Muppet show 1-2
Robot Chicken 1-2

Then I have a shelf for all my wrestling dvds from WWF, ECW, TNA, WSX, ROH, and a bunch of independent stuff

Then I have my comedy shelf with All the Kevin Smith movies, the good American Pie movies (1-3) Superbad,roadtrip,eurotrip,dude wheres my car, good burger, ghostbusters1&2 who framed roger rabbit, waterboy, big daddy, team america, South park bigger longer uncut, baseketball, orgazmo, talledega nights, Tenatious D and the pick of destiny,Austin powers 1-2,Small Soilders and a ton more I don't have time to name

then I have another shelf for my action/thriller/dramas
Pursuit of happiness
Reign over me
cruel intentions
black snake moan
Alpha dog
Smokin aces
the prestige
Final destination1-3
Evil dead 1-2
Army of Darkness
Blair witch 1-2
The Living daylights-Die another day
Super Mario Bros
Mortal Kombat
Turtles 1-3
American History X
Matrix 1-3 +animatrix
Falling down
Clockwork Orange
and a bunch more I can't list right now
All my DVD's are in alphabetical order. None of them are in a sub-section.
I just put them in order like....

Die Hard
Die Hard 2
Die Hard With a Vengeance
Live Free or Die Hard

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