The Crow 20th anniversary

Discussion in 'Misc. Comics Films' started by Hordakfan, Apr 14, 2014.

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    I can dig that. I loved that film - not quite to the extent you do, but I used to have a tradition of watching it every Halloween.

    I remember the first time I heard the soundtrack - a buddy of mine brought it over when we were hanging out on a sunday night, I remember being mesmerized by it. Especially the first time I heard "Big Empty."

    I don't think any film has managed to use music so effectively to set the mood ( GOTG does a good job, but the Crow is something else), IMO the greatest movie soundtrack of all time.

    If this film never gets remade and all the sequels get forgotten I'm okay with that - I don't think that anything Hollywood can do (especially today) no matter what amazing CGI they've got, can recreate the haunted magic of this film. (didn't mind the TV series, I thought Marc Dacascos was pretty good as Draven, but not the same as Lee).

    The action sequences were pretty spectacular too, the gunfight in the club more than any other.

    The only writer, besides O'Barr himself, who I think could possibly do anything worthwhile with the character would be Neil Gaiman - but if that never happens, I'm okay with that too.
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    I was the same. The Crow soundtrack is what got me into rock music. Until that point I was almost always listening to hip hop. I started seeking out the works from the artists on the soundtrack (especially NIN) and progressed from there.
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    Disappointing. Guess we'll see how it plays out.

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