Problem Connecting to the Internet

Venom 1988

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Jun 12, 2004
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I just got a PS3 and for the time being I’m connecting my PS3 directly into the modem, cuz I don’t have a router yet. I go to Internet Connection Settings, select wired connection, and followed all the steps. When I finally get to the test connection, it says it failed to obtain an IP address. What exactly am I doing wrong? And yes I have already checked the support and faqs on PS3 website. Any help would be greatly appreciated
You might have to reset your connection, if you have a computer or something along the lines of a laptop turn that off as well. When my bro has his laptop on and I come home from my friends house I try to set up my internet connection again and when it tries to obtain an IP adress it goes to the other systems rather than your modem.

But then again I'm doing it through WIFI not sure about a connection.

I hope it works out for you, if not I'm sure someone like Zenien would know what to do.
I dont get what you mean by reset the connection, what like unplug the modem from the wall?
I got it working now, thanks Lizard :hyper:

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