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Processed Foods Companies Try to Convince You Are Natural

Page Not Found, mister. :mad:
Something like 80% (not a made up percentage) of our food is processed and not natural. It's no surprise that words are used to imply or give false impressions on their health or origin.
Seems like the only thing that's not processed is water.
Or anything you grow yourself... and then eat raw. "Processed" is a loaded word though and can mean many things. Often processed is used in a negative connotation but it's not always a bad thing. Just most of the time.
Try that link! Should be fixed :D sorry everyone, some pretty funny stuff in there
Not a single thing on there surprised me. I used to work in fast food for a few years so I'm used to the BS when someone tells me that the chicken is so "fresh". I went to subway with a friend once, she said the chicken was very fresh, I asked the worker at the counter for the date on the package, it was made nearly three weeks earlier. She got mad at me for that. He got a laugh out of it though.
This reminds me of when BK was using Steven Tyler to advertise their revamped restaurant and menu. Like it was fresh, and fresh = healthy.
Well, crap is fresh. That doesn't mean it's good. :funny:
Well, crap is fresh. That doesn't mean it's good. :funny:

But real fruit! Fresh sweet potatoes! Sweet potatoes are good (even if you toss em in a fryer)...and the little tiny clear cups of sauce, all in unique flavors. Psssh. What do you mean it isn't good? :o
Arsenic is all natural. Doesn't mean I want a cup full of it for breakfast either.

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