PSA Campaign A: Six Rules of Posting Photos on Internet Message Boards


Dec 31, 2001
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Theme: "Six Don't Rules of Posting Photos on Internet Message Boards"

Banners: We have five to go with our campaign.





Mirror pic
Big index toe. :csad:
Ginormous breasts
Mr. T tribute
World's Strongest Man
Trying to best World's Strongest Man, but failing

Speaker: Deep Thinkin’!
“Six Don’ts of posting pictures on internet message boards!”

“Superhero Hype PSA” shows on screen”​
Have the theme for the video:
Speaker: “Some helpful tips to consider when posting photos on message boards.”

Intro pt. 2​
After theme shows:
Speaker: “Who doesn’t like to post pictures of themselves? We all like to get feedback from our fellow board members, but what few know, there are a few rules of posting.”

The Rules!
*Rule #1 flashes on screen*​
Speaker: “DO NOT take your picture in the mirror, it means you’re lazy and/or stupid! There’s a timer for a reason, use it!”​
*show mirror pic*

*Rule #2 flashes on screen*​
Speaker: “DO NOT include your freakish INDEX TOE when posting a picture of your pet!”​
*shows picture of turtle with her foot*

*Rule #3 flashes on screen*​
Speaker: “DO NOT beat us over the head with your ginormous boobs!”​
*shows ginormous breasts pic*​
While picture is showing – Speaker: “Hard to believe, but true.”

*Rule #4 flashes on screen*​
Speaker: “DO NOT, no matter how cool it may be, make a Mr. T tribute! It never works out.”​
*shows picture of mohawk, then shows manip of Mr. T with mohawk face*

*Rule #5 flashes on screen*​
Speaker: “The fifth and final rule: DO NOT post pictures of yourself flexing your muscles. Unless you are Ghostrider87!”​
*shows picture of flexing in a dress, then shows picture of Ghostrider87’s muscle picture*

*Rule #6 flashes on screen*​
Speaker: “Oops, I forgot we have one more rule, and that is rule number six. Making gestures with your lips isn’t cool. At all. It’s downright stupid, and makes you look like the biggest poser ever.​
*shows picture of with lip gesture*

Speaker: “Hopefully these tips will help you succeed in posting some good photos on message boards in the near future.”

Sped-up notes: Speaker: “This message was brought to you by Bloody Embrace. Bloody Embrace is not liable for any insults made at the people posted in the video. No cameras were harmed during the making of these videos. Copyright Bloody Embrace, 2008.”​

LOL, video is funny. EXCEPT FOR NUMBER 6. :cmad::p
Oh snap. Daisy knocking peeps down a peg.
Funny how the "Why So Stupid" PSA has stupid mistakes in it.
It is Irony to show that stupidity can happen at any time anywhere so beware.... ;)
As captain of the Bloody Embrace, I must thank everyone who is in this video. We didn't do it as a mockery of you at all... we did it to include fellow Hypesters in our Superhero Hype PSA. It would be too easy to just find random photos and paste them onto the video.
As captain of The Harem of Carnage I congratulate Bloody Embrace for their great presentation and their obviously vastly superior product.

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