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Question about Avast Scan Results

May 10, 2003
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So, I just have a general question about some of my Avast scan results. I ran a full system scan on my Windows 7 comp, not due to any virus related issues, but just a regular, normal scan in general.

Anyway, after it finished, the result said some of the files could not be scanned. It shows the file names in the thing and then asks the type of action I'd like to take: delete, move to chest, repair, or nothing but when I try to select any of the files to apply any of the actions listed, it doesn't let me so I can't "apply the action".

Here's a screenshot:


The full error message for all of those files say, "error: the system cannot find the path specified (3)". So what can I do? Re-install the avast program or what? :huh::huh:
I'd check the full file path for those files listed and see what they are for. Did you uninstall a program recently, like a game? Sometimes even after an uninstall it leaves files behind, maybe it's throwing Avast off?

Another possibility is that the files are read only or hidden.
The files were all listed under Avast. I ended up doing a full system scan again just a short while ago, and none of those files were listed. Just got a regular "no threat found" message.
I tried Avast a few times and hated it. I tell everybody I know to go with Microsoft Security Essentials.

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