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Superman Returns Rate SUPERMAN RETURNS Full Trailer

Mr. Thing

Nov 23, 2004
Reaction score
I gave it a nine. Great content but editing was a bit iffy.
I thought Luthor was WAY over the top, seems he's "vaguely" channeling Gene Hackman
a 10? the trailer doesnt look anywhere perfect IMO. Wasn't too impressed with Routh's flying. Just doesn't look very fluid to me and rather stiff. The only part I liked was when he was chasing the plane. Hopefully there will be better scenes in the movie. Sometimes Routh looks great as superman and sometimes not as in this shot from the trailer


Really.. he just looks too young there and very much like a Superboy.

I hope theyre still working on SFX cuz some of it looks mediocre. Such as the shot of him landing on new krypton.. something about it just doesnt look right.

Right now i give the trailer a 7.
Damn what the hell is wrong with the hype its randomly mixing our post:confused:
Gave it a 10. Loved it. Still hate the damn suit, but I am loving what I see. the ship looked to CG, but oh well.

Good. Solid. About par with my expectations.
I will give it 10.

It looks great, everything is great!

Edit: Holy Shiit the trailer is out already!
I wanted to see and hear more Superman. 8.5 :up:
Some more Superman would have been great, but Spacey's Luthor was fantastic.
TheFalcon said:
Some more Superman would have been great, but Spacey's Luthor was fantastic.

Totally agree. That concern, about Luthor's tone and portrayal, is gone now.
i gave it a 9...I was CRAZILY more excited of the 8 second clip...if anything, that probably ruined it for me, making me go with the 9 instead of the 10, which is probably what i would have gone with had i not seen the coke ad (like 800 times)
TheFalcon said:
Some more Superman would have been great, but Spacey's Luthor was fantastic.

i think that would have been better, but from the superman shots in the trailer, the effects aren't complete yet, so that's probably why we didn't see that much of him...similar to batman for the first begins trailer...
Things I liked: The photography, the flight scenes, the plane scene, the music, Luthor, Perry, the FOS, Jimmy Olsen, the Williams - Ottman music, the ending.

Things I disliked: The colors in general from photography to the suit seemed a bit too dark, too little Superman/Clark Kent talking. Some shots were clearly CGI. The kid storyline still concerns me.

Overall, the trailer met my expectations and I know it will be even better in theaters.

Stunning cinematography,Bosworth was great as Lois and the shot with the Gatling gun was great

Not really any wow moments as the plane sequence was the best thing in it visually and we already saw that

Spacey was great in the first part but campy in the latter,tonaly it was pretty good but that cheesy last part and the meet the munchin stuff was corny IMO
8, loved Spacey, reminded me of Rosenbaum, what I didn't like was the obvious CG..


Gave it an 8/10

Definetly brought a smile to my face and I like the fact that its a bit light and not totally dark as some think. And let's be clear that doesnt mean its camp.

I liked Bosworth in it (I know some people might the way she's potraying Lois or whatever but she definetly appeals to me)

and Spacey was brillant ("oh let me hear it" "no not that":mad: )

Looks good
I think CGI was ok, much better what we saw before in another moves.
Gave it a 10.

Wow! Couldn't get into the hype ofr a while. Who voted poor?
That was great!!! Those who don't like it, won't like anything, folks! All those out there who loved it, just go on loving it and ignore those who are bound to be miserable no matter what comes out.

thank God,
thank God,
thank God,
that THIS is the movie we're getting!


PS: ...and not Tom Welling Returns. ...HEEVE...heeve...BLARRGHAFHFFF!!

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