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The Flash Rate the Pilot


Batman is my Dad
Dec 29, 2006
Reaction score
Many have seen the pilot already, and everyone else will be seeing it tonight, so give your rating!
A lot of the acting and production definitely feels like a CW show. :=/ I hate to compare, but the old Smallville pilot was actually a bit better.
Oh don't be like that :rolleyes: You know exactly what I'm saying. It feels like the network it is on. If you are a fan of CW shows in general I guess that is a good thing.
5 minutes to go, but I'm already going to give it an 8. The best pilot for comic book tv show since the current era that started with Arrow.
That CW Supernatural Smallville Arrow Vampire Diaries look/pool of actors. GAH.

It's alright for what it is. I just wish we could see a major hero like the Flash on a bigger network. I dunno how long a show like that could last where big ratings are expected though.
10/10 easily

The best superhero show yet. I don't care for Arrow, it was "too Cw" for me, but this blew it out of the water.

It did feel like a feature film and the acting was actually natural! Iris was the worst actor and she wasn't even bad.

The end with Shipp made me very emotional as the original Flash 90s show is one of my favorites of all time.
10 of course since it did feel more comic booky than either Smallville or Arrow.
Solid for the most part. I was a bit disappointed in the acting by Candace Patton. She kind of felt a bit soap operaish or something.
Great pilot. Solid 8/10, much better than any other live action DC pilot (Smallville, Arrow, Gotham, Constantine, that unsold Aquaman, 90s Flash, etc).

There were a few really corny lines of dialogue. As much as Arrow has grown on me (I hated it at first), Stephen Amell just can't act. His lines were the only thing more cringe-worthy than his delivery. He isn't as out of place on Arrow, where most of the acting is terrible, but most of the main cast on Flash is much better (Caitlin Snow and Iris came off as the worst acted characters in the pilot, at least to me, but Barry, Joe, Harrison, Eddie, and Cisco all seemed on point to me).

Most of the effects are also very good. The one that stood out as bad was the point where Barry pauses in his run wearing the skin tight suit and helmet -- obvious and bad CGI there.

John Wesley Shipp's scene at the end stood out as one of the best to me. So cool to see him in the show.

Semi-hyped for Arrow tomorrow, but it's going to be a long wait for next Tuesday. Oh well, I saw the pilot originally months back and I've waited this long. I can do one more week.
I forgot what a decent actor JWS is. Nice to see him in this :up:
As a casual fan of the Flash the pilot wasn't bad, in a way I see similarities to it to Sam Raimi's Spider-Man which makes sense in a way since this Flash is twenty something and Flash isn't one of your dark and gritty heroes so I welcome the humor to it.

I do feel though that the pilot was rushed, I mean in just under 10 minutes BOOM we see Barry getting struck by lightning.

Maybe I'll continue watching more episodes but like I said I'm just a casual fan.
I didn't watch the extended version that aired tonight, so based on the one I saw during the summer, I'll give it an 8.
I thought it was awesome, WB should just get CW to make the DCU tv series.
10 for me. Loved absolutely everything about it. No complaints here.
I didn't watch the extended version that aired tonight, so based on the one I saw during the summer, I'll give it an 8.

There is no extended version. What silly website are people getting this info from lol.

The additional 3 minutes was dedicated to a season preview trailer. Nothing was extended. In fact some of Arrows lines were missing on air, but worked better IMO.
Gave it a 9. it ranks up there with the Hulk pilot film and the Smallville pilot on the best superhero based show pilot/first episode list. I expect Daredevil will be atop the list soon though. But yeah really enjoyable.
It was okay. I didn't see much difference between the released version and the leaked pilot (what happened to those 3 extra minutes of content?) I would have given it a 9 or 10 if the emotional scenes weren't so poor.

I didn't feel anything in the moments that were supposed to be touching or sad. In fact, some of them were fairly cringeworthy and cliche - like the meeting with his father in prison and the conversation between Joe and Barry after he found out that his adopted son was the Flash. If they can trim some of the cheese off of moments like those, this would be a much more enjoyable show.
7 out of 10. There is potential. The arrow scene really ruined the momentum for me it seemed so out of place. Doesn't help that I find Stephen Amell to be terrible even by TV actor standards his line delivery was just cringe worthy. The scenes after that one had a lot of clumsy dialogue problems. But again there is potential so I'll keep watching.
I give it a 9. Okay first half, strong second half.
A strong 7 out of 10 for me, from which I see the series only getting better.

I wish it launched with two back to back episodes, as there was just so much to cram in, the pacing was way too fast for my liking. The script was hokey in parts too, my girlfriend groaned at the 'I've got a plane to catch' line, but it was really sweet in other parts. I think it was a great testing ground for the show, and it'll only get better.
10 out 10 for me. It was awesome, the effects was great, the story was great.

This is what super-hero TV series are supposed to be like.
Great balance of a realistic setting, humour (but not camp or cheese)
good special effects and a likeable cast.

I look forward to seeing the Flash run on.

Also a great contrast to Gotham (which I also rank 9/10 ) in terms of

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