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Resurrection of Ra's


Who the hell is Bucky?
Dec 6, 2007
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I've only read the first 4 but I'm going to pick the other ones up this weekend. From what I've read I really like it, even the artwork is pretty good (minus Detective 838). What do you guys think?
its a pretty decent story. it, uh, delivers what it promises.
I've heard its not all that and some people have serious issues with the art and some of the dialouge by Dini is suprisingly clunky and uninspired. In any case I picked the first 6 out of 7 and I'll read sometime during the holidays and give my full verdict.
I havent read it myself but I have heard its not to bad, Im sure its worth a read.
I haven't read the final part, but overall it wasn't bad. Except for some of the art, that is. Tony Daniel and Kramer really deliver, the other artists I didn't like as much. The writing is alright throughout, but the only spectacular part of the saga I thought was when Morrison wrote his issue.

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