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Sequels Sam Raimi talks Spider-Man 4


Jun 29, 2008
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..well, sort of :whatever:

Although things weren’t looking too good for awhile, “Spider-Man” has overcome adversities tougher than a Green Goblin-Doc Ock team-up, and now once again has Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi in his corner. But what about Kirsten Dunst?

“Kirsten, I’d love to work with her again,” Raimi explained to us this week, making it sound as if current plans to include Dunst for “Spider-Man 4” and “Spider-Man 5” are still up in the air, despite recent statements that she wants to remain with the franchise. “I hope she’ll be written into it. I couldn’t imagine making one without her, and I think she’s an important part of the movies.”

Nevertheless, Raimi admitted that the very nature of an episodic series requires that characters come and go. “I wish I could work with James Franco again,” said the man who directed the first three hit movies. “But his character died in the last one; same with Uncle Ben. Fortunately, we’ve been able to bring back all the dead characters [like Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn or Cliff Robertson as Ben Parker]. I can’t let them go, in each and every picture; but it gets harder and harder.”

Now things are about to get hard yet again for Raimi, as he’s making plans to continue the cinematic tale of Peter Parker. “I’m really excited about Spider-Man, and I’m hoping to direct it,” he cautioned. “I don’t have a script yet, but production would start probably by March of 2010, I’m guessing. It sounds like a long time away, but we need a script first, and a lot of pre-production has to take place.”

The filmmaking legend also revealed to us that there is a lot of truth behind rumors that he might shoot the next two “Spider-Man” films at the same time. “That had been talked about,” he said, deferring to the head of his studio. “It’s Amy Pascal’s decision. I don’t think it has been decided yet, and she’s the one that’s really going to make that decision; I’m really curious myself.”

By his own admission, “Spider-Man 3” was an exhaustive film to shoot, but Raimi is confident he can handle the double duty. “It would be a real endurance test, probably only Peter Jackson knows how hard something like that would be,” he marveled, hinting that “4” and “5” would be very closely linked in storyline. “If Tobey and me, and all the producers, like the story for two pictures and Amy wanted to do it, then we would do it. It just hasn’t been written yet.”

Finally, Raimi offered comment on the wishes of fans (and yours truly) to finally let Dylan Baker’s storyline come to fruition. “He’s a great actor, and I think one day The Lizard’s story will be told,” he teased, referring to Baker’s Curt Connors character. “I don’t know if it will be this one or not. I just don’t know. I’m definitely hoping to work with Dylan in the picture. I just don’t know who the villain is yet.”


like I thought...Raimi knows nothing about the story.
it is totally on Vanderbilt's hands. he'll decide what characters will be in it and their fate.
like I thought...Raimi knows nothing about the story.
it is totally on Vanderbilt's hands. he'll decide what characters will be in it and their fate.

I like Vanderbilt's..........................last name
No Kirsten Dunst (at least for one movie) might be the way to go.
So are there going to be "In Vanderbilt We Trust" Signatures now?
Sounding good to me, loving the unsurity of MJ returning and I love that Raimi is leaving things to the writer.

I'm hoping two Great Spidey films that are on par with Number 2.

Can't wait!!!
I'm loving how Sam Raimi is thinking with S-M4 and S-M5 and it's great to know he would like to film 4 and 5 back to back.
Just wondering.. will the release date for the 5th depend on how the 4th does in the box office..?
Raaaaawr. I hope Franco comes back much like Dafoe has. Mmmm....Franco.:heart:

& if Dunst isn't going to be in it, might as well get on board with Winstead.:up:
Just wondering.. will the release date for the 5th depend on how the 4th does in the box office..?

No, I don't think so. By the time they'll get rolling on the two sequels, Sony will have set tentative release dates for both, like Disney did when they announced production of the POTC sequels.

I say we'll get a May/June 2011 release for S-M 4 and since 2012 is still being sorted out, a May release for S-M 5.
Loyalty loyalty loyalty... Sony has to have some balls and embrace change. That doesn't mean casting... but Raimi has to go in a new direction with this franchise.
Either Raimi is being coy or he doesn't really know what is going on. March is only five months away. He should have at least have been told whether MJ is back.
Isn't Raimi in the middle of another production..? Perhaps that's why he doesn't know a thing
Why doesn't he give us the &*(@&#)&*()#&!*()&#) Spider-Man 3.1 DVD so many of us are waiting for and hoping will at least save some face of the last movie?! Maybe then people would stop bashing him and give him back some support for Spidey 4-5.
It's up to Sony for that, not him.

They'll release it when the time is right.
Guys, Spider-Man 2.1 didn't come out til around SM3, why do you think Spider-Man 3.1 would be out any sooner than SM4?

Anyways, he doesn't say much.
most people don't want her anymore so i say kill her off but in a different way so you don't rip off TDK have spiderman physically cause it but isn't in time to prevent her fate
Anyone who thinks MJ isn't returning in either film are all nut cases. They can't let go of the dead characters, dead Uncle Ben had more screentime than Venom, lol. So you know they're not letting MJ go.
Dear lord,please save us!!!!!

we need a change,seriously!!!
Dear Spider-Man,please save us!!!!!

You meant to say that, right? :oldrazz:

Seriously though what gets me is the lack of news from Vanderbilt's camp. I mean really...he was hired back in October '07 (a week or so before the WGA Strike started) Thus he had some kind of outline/treatment that he pitched to the Sony executives.

So once the strike was resolved by February, he had something to go by when he got back to writing. And yet we haven't heard anything official regarding the status of his script. Plenty of rumors, but nothing coming outta the mouth(s) of the studio.

Color me puzzled. :huh:

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