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Mar 31, 2008
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Does anyone watch this show? It airs on the Sci-Fi channel and it's about to start a new season. I hardly watched it but I'm going to start, that's why I made this thread. Also, I can finally use an avatar! :woot:
I watched a few episodes when it first started. The Bigfoot one and the weird Devil Midget one were good.
Yeah, I've been watching since season 1. Its sooo funny. Scare Tactics is the only prank show that isn't afraid of getting sued...they push all the limits.
This prank is: legendary.

Haha!! :hehe: love this show, didn't know it was coming back. I love the ep where a delivery guy finds a dead body in the basement freezer of the guy's house, lol! And the ep where they reverse the trick on a guy and he thinks he's tricking some girl, and she ends up shooting a guy dressed up as a werewolf with what he thinks is a real gun....

I miss Shannon Doherty hosting too.
I used to watch it when Shannen Doherty hosted but after she left....I kind of left with her. But it is a good show. The mutated rat man is funny.
I like the Bigfoot attack on the RV. The demon baby delivery was great too.
Did anyone see the one when the guy pretended to be a homeless killer and stabbed one of the guys in on the prank? Then the victim starts to beat the crap out of the homeless guy! That was the funniest scene ever! :grin:
the "victims" have been fighting back a lot this season. anyone else noticing that?
I used to love this show when Shannon Dorherty was the host, but now...not so much.
They are doing a little marathon on SyFy right now, this show always cracks me up

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