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Sci-Fi novels that would make great films


Dec 8, 2005
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what are some good sci-fi novels that would be great to translate into a film?
Ender's Game.

I wish they could get the movie off the ground already. It has been planned for years now.
Prey by Michael Crichton, if done right, by a talented director it would be a spectacular film.
I read a book called Little Green Men a few years back, which I thought was great. It's more of a dark comedy though. I'm not sure if there are still plans to make a film.
Anything by Mike Resnik

Paratwa novels by Christopher Hinz. Matador series by Steve Perry.
Any science-fiction novel by Dan Simmons
The I Inside, by Alan Dean Foster.

Kiln people, by David Brin
the last legionary by aa hiller
Ender's Game.

I wish they could get the movie off the ground already. It has been planned for years now.

This here, up and down, yes, yes, yes. Ender's Game. It has to be made quickly... the time between casting and shooting has to be quick, but there are some brilliant child actors around at present, and they could really sell this thing... give it a kid's tone with a lot of adult themes and market it to everyone. Give it the sports angle, the war angle, the emotional angsty hurt super-depressed kids angle all at once, and give us just a hint, whether in a trailer or teaser or whatever, that kids are people too, and we will be able to empathize with these kids.
The Voyage of the Space Beagle by A. E. van Vogt
- "Rendezvous With Rama", by Arthur C. Clarke.
- "Nightfall", by Isaac Asimov.
- The "Foundation" Trilogy, by Isaac Asimov.
The Dresden Files. One thats different from the tv show and follows the books a little more faithfully.

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