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If Scorpion would enter the SM Movies, which Costume should he wear, what would you preffer?!?

Comics Version:

90s Series:

SM Game from 2001:

SM3 Game:

Ultimate SM Version:

Or should they create something Original, like they did for Harry in SM3? Share your thoughts with us!
Nice thread idea taken from bmwdriver :o :up:
anyways i would say the spiderman movie game with dark turquoise and black
No poll? Anyway, I'd go with something in between the Ultimate and Classic outfits.
I say something like the classic comic's version, Ultimate verison, SM3 the game's Scorpion.
I kinda like the SM3 Game version, for the most part, it needs to be tone down a bit
and, I don't care for the glassvisor mask thing, i prefer something like the 90s mask

so, I guess, my pick would be a cross between, the SM3 game and 90's

here's somthing
i was playing around with in, heromachine, the other day

i just don't want to see something like thing
Do you realize that this:
ultimatespiderman097ks3.jpg simply a variation of this:

Not sure when that comic came out, before or after the movie, but still. I don't think we want to re-do costumes that people kinda didn't like in the first place in terms of the film. It can run the risk of confusing your average movie-goer, who doesn't spend their time memorizing who these guys are. My g/f, for example, would say "Wait, wasn't he in the first one? I thought he died", then in the theater I'd have to spend 10 minutes whispering, explaining why he's not the same guy. Then people would kick my seat.. meh, let's avoid that.
We'd also have that whole "mask that covers the emotions" issue. Open-face Scorpion, I'd say. I think a tinted visor that we can see his eyes through would be cool, rather than a half-mask. Not that bubble thing from the SM3 game, but sleek.
Perhaps a tail that comes as if from nowhere, like Harry's mask but larger. The idea of dragging a lengthy extra appendage behind himself is very Doc Ock-like. The villains should be fresh, not repeats.
That is, unless there's a specific reason, like for Harry and their whole storyline.

I do like Scorpion. The whole insanity bit in the games is great... but some of you may know that I'm rooting for him to be shown as part of the Sinister Six. He is on my list of villains I'd like to see... but not one of the highest ranking for #4.

They could make him have no arms at all,so he gets experimental robotic prosthetic arms attached to him,and instead of hands on the end of the robotic arms,he has claws that resembles the claws of a scorpion,because they would be used to help him pick up things.

You could even throw in the Lizard to connect him with the lost limb thing as well.One tries to replace lost limbs with technology,and the other person tries to replace a lost limb with science.
To make him look completly different from GG,he needs scorpion type claws.

Hmm, I dunno, this sounds weird, but I like him having hands, what about the claws just being an additional weapon housed/mounted on/in a gauntlet? (depending on the design)
I'd have the SM3 game design, but with a diffrent mask.
Maybe he can have glowing lights on his suit to make him stand out as a different looking type of villain than movie GG and Doc Ock.
the gold and green one he wore during ben reilly's stint as spidey...

Either way, the suit should be brown or gray instead of green.
I like the gold accents, I haven't seen that one before. The glowing lights are kinda fun, but they might be a little too much, heh. Let's not forget what happened to the Batmobile.

The experimental prosthetic arms seems like a decent theme to contrast with the Lizard... but at the same time, I'd think enhancements in the suit rather than full arm replacement would be the way to go. Like, the way he's dug into the side of that building... what does he HAVE on his fingers? How is he stronger?

Do you realize that this:
ultimatespiderman097ks3.jpg simply a variation of this:

His origin could involve using both GG's (armour) and Ock's (tail/sting)technology to create his suit. We could've have a gritty Scorpion-Lizard battle in S-M 4.
For the purposes of the movies, I hate all of those outfits. I think that they need to create a new concept entirely.
Somebody on here drew a picture of how the Scorpion should look. It was a combination of the Green Goblin armor and some new things. It pretty much was from Oscorp and I found it to be cool. :up:
I saw an action figure for Spider-Man 3 of Scorpion that I thought looked great. Black with green glowing lights on it.
why isn't there a poll?
any way, i'd say the sm-3 game version

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