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Dec 15, 2004
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Does anyone on here read the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels?
They're Canadian and by Bran Lee O'Malley.
I flew through all 4 vols in about 2-3 days and I must say it's the most enjoyable time I've had reading a comic in a long time.
It's a cross between real life, superhero and video game nerd comics.

I'd advice those who find that mix interesting to check it out!

I did a search and didn't come up with anything so if there's a thread already I'm sorry.
Glad there's someone else here that agrees.
I seriously can't wait till vol.5
I just finished volume 4. All of the books are fantabulous. Vol. 3 was a bit weak, but 4 totally came back and raised Scott up on the Kick-Ass-O-Meter again.
If Volume 3 was as good as it got, I would still love the series. As it stands, the other volumes are just that much better.
I love them all.
I thought it'd go away after volume 2, but I still want to marry Kim Pine.
You'd end up just hating each other. Or, she'd end up hating you.
I'm not too sure when vol5 is due out. The website says that the volumes are released about once per year though, so since 4 came out not too long ago (november i think it was) we have some waiting time on our hands.

Also, it also says that Universal has optioned it and Edgar Wright wants to direct. He's also helping to write the script. It hasn't even been greenlit though so it's nowhere near definite. I'm actually hoping it doesn't get made into a movie. Just doesn't seem like it could ever do it justice.

And no, Kim wouldn't have you, she hates everyone too much. Besides, it's pretty obvious she still has a thing for Scott....when she's not making out with Knives that is.
Just bought all 4 and read them. Was it a risk? Yes. Was it worth it? Abso-friggin-lutly.

And Wallace Wells IS most awesome indeed.
My friend lent me all 4 out of the blue one day. He does that from time to time with comics. Now I have to go out and buy them all for myself.
I really hope we still get alot of Scott/Wallace interaction even though they aren't roomies anymore.
Wallace is pretty great. I'm gonna miss the awkward sleeping arrangement and Scott's aversion to Wallace's unpantsed legs now that they've moved. :(

I lent my friend three of the four volumes out because I was still reading the fourth at the time. I finished the fourth and gave it to him a couple days later. He'd already read all three of the other volumes and was like "Sweet! This series is awesome!" when I gave him vol. 4. :)

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