Jun 22, 2005
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I searched and didn't find any threads about this group. All of the characters in it are interesting and fun. I like how they are typically drawn by artist, yet the slight creativity that each artist brings to the characters makes them even cooler. The styles are different enough for each character to be unique, yet they all go together so well.

I think it has loads of potential, but I won't pick it up blind, I'll wait till what I hear about it first.
There are other Shadowpact threads around, but the search function is all wonky, so it's cool. :)

I'm looking forward to Shadowpact. I want to see how good an artist Willingham is, plus the characters are all great. I'm hoping Willingham and Johns will figure out some way to have a Shadowpact/Teen Titans crossover at some point. The Titans have always had a strong magic background, especially with Raven around, and the fact that Blue Devil's with the Shadowpact and Kid Devil's with the Titans is just too juicy a potential character builder to let slip by, in my opinion.

Oh, here's the cover and solicitation for June's issue:

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]SHADOWPACT #3
Written by Bill Willingham
Art by Willingham & Wayne Faucher
Cover by Willingham
The showdown between the Shadowpact and the Pentacle! This is a must-read issue for DAY OF VENGEANCE fans!
On sale July 19 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Looks like Willingham's already got an Anti-Shadowpact ready to go. Does anyone know who any of the characters are? That albino guy looks familiar, but I can't put a name to him.
The pale guy with the glasses kind of looks like the Corinthian fron Sandman.
Yeah, but the Corinthian wasn't all white like that. Maybe that's why he looks familiar to me, though. I could've sworn I've seen that dude someplace.
Yeah the Albino guy looks really familiar so does the guy in green, but I can't put any names to the faces.

I know there is a Daredevil cover that looks exactly like the albino guy :S
TheCorpulent1 said:
Yeah, but the Corinthian wasn't all white like that. Maybe that's why he looks familiar to me, though. I could've sworn I've seen that dude someplace.

Well, maybe they colored him that pale to get across the point that he is a child of the Endless. Either way, it would be cool if the Corinthian were in it. He's pretty cool.
Maybe he looks vaguely like John Constantine? Blonde british guy...wearing a trenchcoat..
I'm not sure how you instantly tell he is British... I mean you can't see his teeth. :D
Who is the Corinthian? The book Sandman sounds familiar....Graphic novel right?
lol I figured he was british....Um...I guess I just mean caucasian.
ChineseFooD said:
Who is the Corinthian? The book Sandman sounds familiar....Graphic novel right?

Series of Virtigo titles from the late 80s/early 90s. Very good. It's basically about the physical; embodyment of dreams and his family and exploits. The Corinthian was created by Dream to be the ultimate nightmare. But, when Dream was captured by a sorcerer in the early 20th century, Corinthian got out and became a serial killer.
That sounds awesome. Remind me to buy that the next time I go to the comic book store. It sounds like it would make an awesome movie. It's like City of The Lost children or....Dark city or something..
Well, it's got about 11 volumes. You'd hav to make a series of movies with that. But still, it's good stuff. The best part, I think, is the fact that Dream is the gloomy lonely intelectual, and his older sister, Death, is a perky teenage goth girl who likes Disney movies.
If you go to and look at the preview of Shadowpact #1 it shows more of the anti-group then the real group. I cant remember all the names but im fairly sure that the albino is named White Rabbit and the wierd glob is called Bagman.

As far as the book goes, I loved Day of Vengeance arc starring these heroes. For some reason I love second tier characters, and I love when they group together. I think thats why I like the new teen titans too (who cudve guessed Kid Devil and Ravager). I always thought Blue Devil was supposed to be a dumb character. THere was even an in-joke in the first Outsiders restart. But he was pretty BA in Day of Vengeance. Same with Chimp and Ragman. I really want to see major magic cameos. DC has always had great magical characters (Jason Blood/Etrigan, Zantanna, Zauriel, Faust, Fate, Deadman, the Marvel family, and I think Animal Man and Vixen were magical too)
Eh, at first I loved DoV (and still do really), and looked forward to a Shadowpact title, but I wasn't all that pleased with the writing after reading the Ostrander Suicide Squad run, which heavily featured the Enchantress and Nightshade, and he really messed those two up. Same kinda goes for Ragman, but I like his version better. :p

It's gonna be wait and see.
I'm planning on picking it up as soon as it's out.
Is Ragman a referance to Spawn or like a parody? Because I remember back when I read DoV there was something that reminded me of him. Like how the suit is living, and how he is trying to redeem himself and just a few small things that made me think about it.
No, it's not really like Spawn in the slightest. As far as I know anyway.
Okay sweet!! I like certain characters and I hate it when it turns out they're a parody. Like they said Jubilee was possibly a parody of robin. Or Deadpool is a parody of Slade...
Well, Deadpoll's really become his own character. He was origionally a complete rip off of Slade, but now the similarities are superficial at best.

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