Shinlyle Art Thread

Deadpool versus Billie Eilish...because I'm old and do NOT get her appeal. all. But, I'm what do I know?Deadpool Billie share.jpg
New art!! Woohoo! Who didn't love this movie?! Spidey No Way Home Scaled.jpg
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I didn't love it, haven't seen it yet. :oldrazz:

But I know it hitting streaming will be fun, I will finally be able to watch it in assured safety and no risk of getting sick.
So, this is what I'm using as my profile pic. It's a sketch cover I did up last year. Still happy with how it turned out!

Spider-Man Cover 2023 scaled.jpg
Spawn piece I did for the Todd McFarlane's "Spawnuary" Competition. Lots of fun! I have four more I will post later. I just did Black & White on these. Working on making some colors on them...but I've never been fast with digital colors.

Spawn scaled.jpg
^ that's awesome. the contrast is really sharp in that, well done
^ that's awesome. the contrast is really sharp in that, well done
Thank you so much! I haven't drawn Spawn in a LONG time, so it was fun to dive back in! Also, this was my son's idea. He says he loves it when I draw my characters in the rain.
Here are the colors on my Gunslinger Spawn piece I did for Spawnuary. I didn't get the colors done in time, so I only submitted it in B&W. Got a migraine yesterday doing this one...old age kicking in, I guess.

Gunslinger Spawn colors scaled.jpg

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