Should Absinthe be legal?



This is question Noir is asking you, should it be legal? I've heard great things.
Hellz yeah. People are going to get shotfaced anyway, might as well save a bit of money.
It's out there to buy anyway, depending on which country you're in. Check out the ban info in the link from my previous post. :)
Yeah it's legal in Australia, and I am able to get my hands on the real stuff, not that watered down version that most places put on the shelf. It kind of scares me a little, it made me skulling it straight from the bottle, I have a lot of memory loss from that night, I woke up the next day covered in cuts and bumps with no idea how I got so injured. I have not drank it since.
The real stuff is pretty hard core, it's a crazy drug :up:
I always thought it tasted like Anaseed.
Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder :o

Bad Alfie quote :o

I had this stuff when I was 17. Didn't know it was a hallucinogenic :o
It depends on which you drink . It has to have wormwood in it . I got a bottle from Prague while I was stationed in Germany. I brought it back to the barracks and opened it up . I tried to get other guys to drink with me but they did a shot and said they had a hard time , it didn't go down right or maybe it was the taste. These are guys that would drink bottles of rum and vodka every weekend . So basically i wound up drinking half the bottle that night (which i heard was dangerous ater the fact) . I had one hallucination but it was enough . I saw very vividly nelly has popped up from the cd cover and was dancing and signing the #1 song. Next I headed to the club and could not speak coherantly .Also It felt like I had a hole in my heart that night and for the following week .

I don't think the effects are much more damaging than any other alchohol and it wouldnt be the most popular drink , so I am for legalization of absinthe.
If Everclear is legal then, why not.
This is question Noir is asking you, should it be legal? I've heard great things.

Its legal in Britain and most of europe. I've had it a few times. It tastes disgusting and gets you wasted real quickly. Not a big fan of alcohol but its not really anything special.
tried it, enjoyed it, have some, but use it sparingly
*Anticipates this replacing Purple Drank as the new dumb lean for nyggas in the south*
Why not? Legalize the weed as well. I ain't exactly apt to do either, but the guv-ment just doesn't want to do it for their own personal reasons, which means I am all for it.
They shouldn't legalise weed. It would be really expensive :o

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