The Force Awakens Should the Sequel Trilogy bring back the Old Characters?


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Aug 31, 2007
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So here’s a question I’m sure a lot of people will be debating about until some official announcement is made regarding this topic, but do you guys think that recently announced “Sequel Trilogy” should bring back some of the old characters from the “Original Trilogy”?

Should these films still center around the Skywalker family and friends as far as fans and the general audiences are familiar with or should Disney and Lucas aspire to do something more by continuing the franchise without reusing any of the established characters from the film franchise, like beginning the story a few centuries after the events of “ROTJ”?
I think it depends all on if the original cast would come back for the films. If they agree, then I think you can focus on Han and Leia's kids. If not, focus on something different.
Maybe somewhat of a Thrawn trilogy taking place like twenty years later than it's supposed to. You'd have to adapt quite a bit though.
I think it depends all on if the original cast would come back for the films. If they agree, then I think you can focus on Han and Leia's kids. If not, focus on something different.

I'd be up for that, but like you say, only if they could get the original cast together. Most of the time I'm not fussy about replacing actors (The Hulk, for example) but the OT cast are far too iconic to go messing about with.

Alternatively, I'd be keen to see a whole new story, new characters. Maybe a cameo or two by some old favorites, but there's no reason something with an epic scope can't be worked into the continuity.
I think the Sequel Trilogy very much should focus on the story of the Skywalker family. Once this trilogy is done other things can be focused on but for now bring on the Mark Hamill! :D
I don't see why they won't bring any of the old characters back, especially Luke Skywalker since he could be the new Jedi Master who trains the new recruits. It will make it feel like a sequel, and not a new series that focuses on an universe that has little or nothing to do with the previous 6 films.
The two people that I don't see the franchise having any difficulty in recruiting back should they need them are Mark Hamil and Billy Dee Williams imho.

And honestly, if only a few can or want to return, they could just say that the ones that didn't come back were killed off prior to the events of the sequel trilogy.

Also, I'd like to think that with them moving forward from the events of "ROTJ" that we may get like a Animation Series that dives into the events between the ending of ROTJ and before the start of the sequel trilogy, especially since there's bound to be a large separation of time between the two films. I've always wanted to see in some media form of what happened in canonical terms with Luke Skywalker after defeating the Emperor.
The original cast would tie things together and it would feel epic.
Absolutely not. Those characters' story has been told. It's time to explore a fresh aspect of the world. It's literally the biggest sandbox any film maker has to play with. An endless universe of endless possibility.

Now a cameo like Hugh Jackman's in X-Men: FC or Arnold's in The Expendables, where it teases the participation of a certain character, but ultimately they go in a different direction would be cool.

Emma Roberts as Ashoka Tano's Jedi daughter.


the Rock was cast in GI JOE and Fast Five to bring star power. He could play a Yuuzhan Vong warrior or a badass Jedi...


Julianne Hough could play Cindel Towani from the "Ewok Adventure".


Anna Kendrick could play Ailyn Vel, Boba Fett's daughter.
I really hope Mark Hamill is on board for this next trilogy in an "Obi-Wan" type role.I'd love to see Ford & Fisher at least make cameos,but having Luke get decent screentime to pass on the saber is a must!
Firstly, I hope it's indeed a Sequel Trilogy (OT, PT, ST, God it feels good to be alive these years).

Secondly, they can either follow the Skywalker story, or not. If they do, they can either set it a few years after RotJ, or they can even go post Legacy. In the latter case, only Hamill as Ghost Luke makes sense.

It's tricky to do the "few years after RotJ" scenario, although there's Thrawn and the Yuuzhan Vong to adapt. But it would retcon lots of EU material, not that they'd care and not that it hasn't been done before-multiply. Anything to retcon Anakin Solo's death, if you ask me.
I think they should at least bring in Mark back as Luke to have him used as a way of capping off the original franchise if the plan is to go away from the usual Skywalker featured story since personally I would find it kind of strange for them to name these sequels Episodes 7, 8, and 9 if it had nothing to do or covered on what happened after the events of ROTJ.
Max Rebo (if he didn't die like the other 'innocent' characters on that barge. He was just paying the bills.)
Exactly.:up: Hamill is reallyt he only want I'm dying to get back.

and now that Lucas won't get his way, maybe we won't get Rs and C-3PO back, although I sense we'll be seeing them, since they're the storyteller's POV for the saga.
If they do get back the original cast, the hype will blow away the hype for Episode I by far.
Indeed. The promise of a new hope (hoho) is enough to mess everything up.
I think it would be cool if some previous cast members at least made an appearance of sorts, I don't think you need to have the story revolve around any of the principle cast from the first trilogy, I think their story is more or less over and it's time for a new group to advance the series forward.
R2 and C-3PO are the easiest to bring back, tbh. Anthony Daniels is definitely in shape to return.
Who wants to place bets on which former cast member is the first to comment about being in the upcoming 3rd trilogy?
Hamill. I'm betting my entire existence on it.
Guaranteed Hamill. Especially now that he's done with the Joker.
Seriously, Hamill and Joker are done, professionally.

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