The Amazing Spider-Man Whcih supporting characters would you like to see introduced in the sequel?


Jul 28, 2012
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There's been a lot of talk (and understandably so) regarding which villain Spider-Man ought to be fighting in the sequel. That's a good question, and I for one will continue to champion Electro nonstop.

That being said, let's take the conversation in another direction and consider some of the supporting characters in the Spider-Man universe that were left out of the first film. Is it time to bring them in? Wait another film? Don't even bother this time around?

Never thought of Jean DeWolff, she could fit well in the sequel now that Capt. Stacy is dead
I voted for everyone from Jameson to Harry Osborn. I wouldn't mind seeing the rest of the characters introduced in the series, but for this sequel it would be unnecessary. We don't want another Spider-Man 3, introducing a ton of characters just for the sake of it.
I really want to see Harry, being the bridge between Peter and Norman.

On a side note I want Jameson to be a big fan of Spider-Man, really proud of the work he's doing for the city. Then at the end of the movie after Gwen dies he turns on him, explaining to Peter how a masked man killed his wife, and Spider-Mans a menace. Maybe adding insult to injury after shes gone.

EDIT: As for Electro I'd say save him for after Gwens dead, his psychological insecurities would really compliment a disturbed confused Peter.

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