Sequels Should X-Men First Class be renamed X-Men The Origin?

The only reason to change would just be the maintain consistency with X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and if there is anything the X-Men titles are, it's inconsistent.

X2: X-Men United
X-Men: The Last Stand
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
X-Men: First Class
This lack of consistency bugs me. Strikes me as needless idiocy & lack of planning.
I must have missed that news article... Deadpool won't be connected to the X-Men film universe?
I must have missed that news article... Deadpool won't be connected to the X-Men film universe?

They announced that it ignores everything that happens to Deadpool in the Wolverine film so yes.
Oh well... general audience will probably not remember him in "Wolverine" anyway... unless they recognise Ryan Reynolds voice
Fox will want to keep 'X-Men' in the title. That's part of the marketing.
Trying to claim Deadpool is not related to the Wolverine movie but still giving the same label to it as the Wolverine movie is a surefire way to confuse the audience.
I think they're disregarding anything that happened to Deadpool in the second half of the movie. It could take place before the events of Wolverine to avoid further confusion.

As far as the title - we already have an X-Men Origins movie - making another with "Origin" in another part of the title would make no sense at all.
Deadpool will be a bit like Blade... it doesnt start with an origin it's just blade and then you get some small origin bits thrown in but there only flash backs... Same will be applied to Deadpool...

What will happen is the movie will probably start off with Deadpool on the job. in costume, you will not see Wades face until probably later in the movie and of which it will only show a scared face... nothing will be mentioned about his past, or how he got his burns.
I'm pretty sure that all of the X-Men films that take place before X-Men (2000) were part of the X-Men Origins series. Making them all X-Men Origins: Blank.

Only X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men Origins: Magneto were to have that title. Magneto will most likely not happen so only Wolverine will have the title.

X-Men: First Class has always been classified as X-Men: First Class. There has never been a point where it has been referred to with the X-Men Origins label nor was it ever even announced having such a label.
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Except that this film is simply called X-Men: First Class. That's what the listing in Production Weekly over a year ago was. That's what Josh Schwartz said he was working on. That's the title Lauren Shuller Donner used. That's the title Bryan Singer mentioned at the avatar premiere. And that's the website that used to redirect to

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