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Days of Future Past Slurs...


Feb 27, 2006
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I noticed none of the movies had what was very prominent in the books.

racial slurs.

Why do you think this was left untouched? Is the term "mutie" too corny to use?

Its been tied to some heavy moments in XMen history.

"What happened? i couldn't move!"
"The Prof's a mutie, WASTE HIM!"

Phil: You a mutie then, Pryde--like HIM?!
Kitty: Gee, I dunno, Phil--are you a n-word?

I know this is a touchy subject especially considering the new rule across SHH boards...but Im certain we can discuss this because well...okay i HOPE we can lol
I would not classify it as a touchy subject, as mutants are a fictional population. If that was the case, then there should have been boycotts over the Potter films for their use of the word 'Mudblood.' Having said that I felt Singer & Co. did a better job showing bigotry then telling (name-calling): case and point Iceman's family.
I think part of it is that the mutants were never quite as persecuted as they were in the comics. It was seen as more of a problem VS a widespread issue in the films.
I'm still hoping to hear something like:
-gene trash/filth
-mutant lover
-gene traitor
-flatscan (slur for human)
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Flat scan would be great as well as mutie.

I don't know, I reckon if Harry potter can have mudbloods the x-men can have those two terms. Maybe the writers just haven't found the right line for it yet

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