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Apr 16, 2004
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If there's ONE thing that could make you stop watching Smallville, what would it be? What's your dealbreaker?

Note: by voting here, you acknowledge that you presently watch the show and consider yourself a current fan.
The only deal breaker for me would be if Tom ever got canned.

If he were to leave and his part recast, I'd stop watching. No question. Other than that, I'm in for the long haul.
If any of the actors were "replaced". I dont do the whole "replaced" thing.
Welling being replaced would kill my need to watch it.
I stopped watching during the witch ridiculous plots are more of a dealbreaker than anything for me.
But, Im back watching it again. It still rocks.
Personally, I think the producers are smart enough to know that if the actor leaves, the character has to go.

Obviously, if Tom Welling were to quit or get fired, the show would be over.

They could, however, write out other characters like Lana, Lex, Chloe, Lois, or the Kents.

I don't think they'd ever actually recast a part, not this late in the series.

So...I would have to say if they deviated too far from the mythos. It's hard to say how far is too far, since they've deviated pretty far as it is...but if Clark suddenly turned gay, or Lana became Supergirl, that'd be something I wouldn't be able to accept.
I could accept an awful lot from this show... but I couldn't accept anyone else as Clark/Supes other than Himself.
I could, theoretically, stand it if Tom was replaced ... but only if he turns ugly. Though I would probably stop watching if he did turn ugly. :p
If he was replaced, it would suck.
But Id keep watching
I'd probably stop watch completely if they:

- Make Clark and Lex gay

- Overdo the sex thing and alienate the family (children) audience

- make Lex and Lois learn Clarks identity

- retool the show to fit with Superman Returns and kill off Jonathan Kent

- make Chloe a superhero or super-powered character all of a sudden, like they did with Lanabelle
Lt. Figgnuts said:
or Lana became Supergirl, that'd be something I wouldn't be able to accept.

Well I wasnt too happy how they used "Kara" in Smallville. Made her simply some girl who believed she was Kryptonian but wasnt, a human.. who Jor-el was using (which seemed pretty evil of Jor too) and then killed off (so far).

But anyways I hope she doesnt come back.
I would stop watching if Welling and Rosenbaum were replaced. I don't really care about the others. Don't get me wrong, I like all of the other actors and actresses, but Welling and Rosenbaum make the show for me, personally.
I at this point would only stop watching if Tom was replaced. I am usually in for the long haul if I get into a show. If it were in the first few seasons I could have been turned off earlier but after 4 I'm committed.
no Michael Rosenbaum = no smallville
I would for sure stop watching if Tom was replaced. But I wont lie...I would check out an episode with whoevee replaced him just to see what it was like
The Red X said:
no Michael Rosenbaum = no smallville

Which could be a tricky venture, they cant keep Lex around forever, eventually he and Clark need to go their seperate ways and meet again years later as the evil Lex and Superman...

Unless Smallville wants to keep Clark and Lex in contact which each other through that whole process...which would probably make Lex aware of Clark as Superman then.
Crisis Superman said:
Well I wasnt too happy how they used "Kara" in Smallville.

Yeah, that was kind of bogus...

Crisis Superman said:
- retool the show to fit with Superman Returns and kill off Jonathan Kent

In the end, this may happen anyway, with or without Superman Returns. In most other incarnations, the Kents were dead before Clark went off to Metropolis to become Superman, so one of 'em may kick it before the series finale anyway.

The Red X said:
no Michael Rosenbaum = no smallville

To this, I would respectfully disagree. If you ask me, the only actor who is COMPLETELY indespensible is Tom Welling. If you don't have Tom Welling you don't have Clark Kent, and if you don't have Clark Kent, you don't have a show.

You can always write out any of the other characters...say that Lex moved on to Metropolis for good, say Lana decided to go off to some college across the country, kill off the Kents, etc...but you can't get rid of Clark without ending the series.
Get rid of the FOTW episodes by the end of the first season. Bring some enduring villians instead of dispensable ones that last one episode.
as long as Tom, Michael, Erica, Annet, Schnider,The guy that playd Perry are not replaced im still good all the other characters can hit the road
I like Superman and all but if Kristin wasn't in it I would lose intrest and not follow it, maybe check it out if nothing's on TV.
The New film killed the show for me,I no longer care about SV's story Arc.:down
Back to following Superman in other media for me!
I'll scan the show for DC crossovers ONLY.(if any!) :confused:

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