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Snake-Eye's love(hopefully): The official "Rachel Nichols is Scarlett" thread

Bug-Eyed Earl

Nov 25, 2002
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There's plenty to discuss with this character, but I don't think it's at all sexist to wonder about who she's going to be with in this film. All the same, there's plenty to discuss with the flame-haired team member and the actress who plays her.
Bwahahaha! The split second before the pic started loading, I guessed which one you would be posting.
As ill advised as it may be...I would do battle with Snake Eyes for her affection.

By "do battle" I mean "die with a quickness"
Well we know Nichols has fantastic boobs. But can she act in this role?

I mean, Sommers doesn't exactly get the greatest performances of the fairer sex even from Thespian actresses. Beckinsale was a little . . . you know in Van Helsing. And the Brides . . .
How come no ones posted her new pic in here?
I wouldn't really call her Snake Eyes love in this film. Their is a hint of something between them in the script but I wouldn't call it love.
There's been rumors that in the script Scarlett is written as Australian. Which could be changed when they started shooting.

Too bad the thread title doesn't really apply to this movie anymore, since Scarlett most likely will NOT be Snake Eyes love.

Rachel Nichols is totally hot though :D . Sometimes seeing a woman not naked is sexier than seeing her naked :D .
My question is will Scarlett be Snake Eye's love or will she be Duke's love?
According to reviews of the leaked script, Scarlett and Ripcord will be together for some reason. And Duke is romantically linked to The Baroness. . .
What thats pretty out there. IMO though I always liked Duke and Scarlett more then her and Snake Eye.
What thats pretty out there. IMO though I always liked Duke and Scarlett more then her and Snake Eye.
I guess it all makes sense in the script. I don't know, I don't want to read it and ruin the movie more than I already have. . .
Now I have to get pissed at Marlon if he gets any intimate scenes with her. :cmad:
I read the script- there's one kiss between her and Ripcord before a battle, and at the end of the movie, they're not standing with their arms around each other or anything like that. They could literally completely ignore S/R in movie 2 and you wouldn't notice. I'm not saying they will, just pointing out how it's written.

Yeah, and Duke, when rescued by G.I. J.O.E., asks what the hell kind of unit they're in, pointing out all the different accents(HD= South African, Breaker= French Tunisian, and Scarlett's Aussie accent). I'm going to take a wild guess that they're not going to have rachel do an accent. Quaid certainly isn't going to do one, I'm sure, even though Hawk is described as British.

BTW- I think Sommers knew he wanted SAid TAghmaoui as Breaker during the writing, given how specific the script is in mentioning where he's from- there just happens to be a French Moroccan who is highly respected who is right for this part of a French Tunisian.
Ugh... I really hope Scarlett doesn't have an Oz accent. First of all, because it would sound fake. And second of all, because even if they MUST have some "international flavor" in the team's makeup, I don't see why the majority of them can't still be Americans. This is an AMERICAN movie after all, based on an AMERICAN comic book about an AMERICAN special forces team, so I still can't understand why they'd insist that only one or two of the main characters be American. My biggest fear is that they're going to try to turn GI Joe into some U.N.-esque circus where all the members are basically delegates representing different countries.

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