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Sep 9, 2007
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The first episode will be called "Tonsil Trouble"

After being diagnosed with an incurable tonsil disease. Eric Cartman takes matters into his own hands.
Can't wait! Any episode centred around Cartman is a winner imo.
I wonder if they will poke fun at the writer's strike this season. I hope so.
I hope they manage to poke fun of Chris Crocker as well.
Cartman centered episodes are always the best :)

I love Southpark, the show gets better each season.
Cartman centered episodes are always the best :)

I love Southpark, the show gets better each season.

The great thing about South Park is that it will always have material. As long as there is some political conflict....or some dumbass in hollywood......or some random current event....there will be South Park!
$100 says that this episode involves something sexual getting rammed down Cartman's throat at some point.
man, i can't wait... after last season's greatness, and the fact that matt and trey always top themselves, i'm really excited to see what they do this season.

i hope south park makes it to season 50.
Eric gets HIV. :dry:

And purposefully infects Kyle. :dry:

I missed the very ending (DVR stopped recording early), was there anything funny at the end? Cause nothing was funny about the rest of the episode.

That sucked.
This episode was very funny, not the best by any means, as they poke fun of American culture and Magic Johnson. The cure for AIDS was money!!!
I thought the episode was funny. It wasn't the best but still funny nonetheless.
Kind of sucked, but there were some funny parts. Hoping for a good second episode. I have actually loved the past few seasons. Last season was nearly perfect.
I liked it, Matt and Trey got their usual point across. AIDS has lost national attention to cancer and the Magic Johnson situation is owed a lot to money

*waits for "I'm HIV positive" to be the new catch phrase
I liked Kyle going ape**** crazy on Cartman and his room.
already a thread for this
Man, this board is very opposite in opinion on the episode than the other board I go to. Pretty much everyone on the other board, including me, found it to be very good episode. I'm sorry, Cartman dressed up like Tom Hanks from Philadelphia is enough for me to like this episode.
I enjoyed this episode alot. Sure there have been better episodes but compared to episodes of other shows this is still great!

"F**k you Jimmy Buffet, you f**kin suck!" Lol:D!!

Loved Mr. Mackey trying to break up the Kyle and Cartman fight too - "break it up mmmkay!"
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