Special edition DVDs for the BTAS movies?


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Apr 4, 2004
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I've been hoping for better DVDs for Mask of the Phantasm, Subzero, Return of the Joker, and I guess even Mystery of the Batwoman, and I can definately see Warner Bros. capitalizing on the Dark Knight DVD sales by putting them out. Does anyone else think this could happen? I sure hope to get MotP with better features.
I can see it happening for MOTP. The rest, not so much.
I'd love to see a special edition for Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. I mean, it was a theatrical release after all... even though it flopped in theaters.
Mask of the Phantasm SE would be cool.

The others I can take or leave.
I think Mask of the Phantasm got the worst treatment. At least with the other movies, there were special features and behind the scenes documentaries.
they should put out a SE of MOTP with special features , i remember getting that on vhs and it came with a comic adaption of the film damn i miss those days.
Warner Animation needs to get on top of this.
I'm pretty satisfied with the packages for Return of The Joker and Mystery of the Batwoman, but I would love to see special editions for Mask of The Phantasm (which is the tiniest of notches below TDK as my favorite Bat-film) and SubZero. And they should all be rereleased on Blu-ray as well.
WB just needs to release a anamorphic widescreen release of Return Of The Joker.
I wish they would do MOTP but I also wish they would do the scene where they cut out of ROTJ ,do you guys know what I am talking about? Where the jokers body that says 'I know' or something like that.

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