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World Spider-Fan Fan Film!


Jun 30, 2005
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Hi Every one, My name is Nathan Schwenk. I have been making movies since i was very youg, and have always been interested, in spiderman. Ive been entertaining as spidey for a year now. And have done alot of research on making movies, i am also going to sheridan collage for film. Lots of sources on the net, have helped me learn about visual effects, stunts, wire work, ect. I will be using either final cut, or Adobe premiere to edit. I would like to shoot on HD quality. Canon xl2, or Sony Hdr. My budget for this film is approx 7000 dollars. Which will go to costumes, camera rentals, boom rentals, lighting, ect. The actors, are going to be doing this for free, just to get there name out. I am also doing this to get my name out, as a director/ producer ect. The scipt is 60 pages, so approx 1 hour. My costume choice is going to be probably 90 percent accurate to the spiderman 2 film. Not to copy, but i think it is an amazing job. I will be designing a Costume, Mysterio and also Ludakris will be making me a dare devil costume. Ive been planing this for about 5 months now, i will upload some pics of just some test drawing my story board artist drew,and some sample pics. any other questions just email me:) at

[email protected]


[email protected]

if u have any comments, ideas, tips, ect ID LOVE TO HEAR FROM U THANX!:spidey:

Looks very cool man. Goodluck with that. Should be promising. Who's the villians

and Are you in a film school?
Thanx Mr.Socko. The villians include Mysterio, Kingpin the main baddies.

I am going to sheridan, next year.
I have taken alot of coases involving film, arts, sculpting, photography, storyboards ect. I have lots of help in the business 2:) i am really excited to start storyboarding.
Movie Spec
Genre: Fantasy/Science Fiction/Adventure
Synopsis: Mary Jane is missing; it has been 4 weeks since Peter Parker had last seen Mary Jane before her Mysterious disappearance on the night Peter/Spiderman faced off against the kingpin of crime. Trying to retrace her steps he ends up at an Old Beck studio were upon Mary Jane was to go for an audition the day she disappeared. While
investigating the area, Spiderman is startled by a falling body from the rafters. It’s Daredevil, Badly beaten up but still alive, Smoke fills the area; Mysterio had escaped the insane asylum. He is dying but doesn’t want to go before tackling his worst enemies. However when he sees Spiderman he realises he is too weak to tackle both at the same time so he retreats. The Next day Daredevil awakes in Peter Parkers apartment, he had been knocked out cold for 24 hours. Daredevil asks what peter was doing there that night; they have a long chat that lasts for five minutes. However things go from bad to worse as Mysterio attacks the kingpins building. The hero’s rush to scene where Fisk is cornered, Spiderman and Daredevil will have to save the fat guy they despise the most. However Mysterio is really pulling the stops this time, a few spectacular fight scenes occur. Anyway it ends with Spiderman braking Mysterio’s fish bowl helmet which slightly disables him. Lying half dead on the floor Mysterio ask them to finish. As he doesn’t want to die via his killer diseases. As they both turn away from him, Mysterio pulls out a gun and give his final speech, then he kills himself. It ends with a news report about mask villain is dead. The End
Run Time: 60 minutes long
Characters involved
Peter Parker/Spiderman (The Main Hero)
Mary Jane Watson (For Flashback Footage)
Gwen Stacy (Parker kind of turns to Gwen for support. Cameo Role)
Studio Executive (This is just a voice on the phone you don’t see him)
Harry Osborne (Peters roommate has two parts in the story)
Studio Security Guard (Asleep small role)
Matt Murdock/Daredevil (Second main character)
Quitin Beck/Mysterio (The Main Villain)
Quintin’s Doctor (Flash Back Cut scene of doctor diagnosing him ill)
Wilson Fisk/Kingpin (Flash back and small role near end)
Fisk Female Receptionist (Small Role)
Male News Reporter (Small Role)
Small Must Have Points
Ø Mysterio must kill himself at the end. True to the comic is that he ends his own life
Ø If story is about Mysterio’s last fight then both Spiderman and Daredevil must have a role as both found Mysterio a major part of there lives.
Ø Fisk is ideal candidate for villain in need of help. Considering the start would have Spiderman narrating the fact that he defeated him. It would seem fitting that Kingpin who Mysterio has issues with.
Ø Flash Backs would be vital as it would drive sense in the story
Ø Timing is essential so it would be ideal not to have Spiderman to distract by Mary Jane’s Presence, so her disappearance and he trying to find her is blocked out with current advents with Mysterio. But if Mary Jane was there she would be a victim and as Mysterio is in his last days I don’t think he would use Mary Jane in that way. It’s better to have her missing than there. However Mary Jane will appear in a series of flash backs, I think 3 flash backs in the whole short fan film.
Ø To expand your fan universe of the show cameos are important but not necessary to have actors and actresses play the part. Just hints would do well, Like Spiderman saying how he late working for Doctor Conner’s… also Daredevil should mention such character like Bullseye in the presence of Kingpin. As reference to the daredevil movie.
Location, Location and Location
Several location points of this film.
Peter Parker and Harry Osborne’s Apartment. (Interior)
Beck’s Abandoned Studio (Interior and Exterior shots essential)
Skyline of New York (Exterior)
Fisk building (Exterior)
Fisk Reception (Interior)
Wilson Fisk’s Office (Interior)
Fisk Rooftop (Exterior)
Park (Exterior Shot, for use of flash back with Mary Jane)
Doctors Office (Interior, Flashback use)
you should make mysterio look like a cloud of smoke 2 red eyes in the smoke and a hand reaching out of the smoke
no dome
Hey thanx for the idea, actually ive thought about it, and the 1 thing i wanan do to keep it close to the comic version is have a dome, there will probably be 3, clear, white, chrome tint. I do like the idea of just the hand coming though the smoke. Ill keep it in mind thanx:)
the version used during ben reillys run as spiderman may me more suited (i.e less goofy) for film ill try and dig some pics up
Hey thanx:), love to see some pics:), ill show u some pics of mysterio soon. Im trying to stay clear from it looking chesey, and cartoony. It will be alot of dark colours and shading.
Heres a lil update-, been working on a alot of different things heres a list:

1- Crane work (i have a shop with a 50 foot, crane on a track, i plan on building a green screen behigd that for the swinging scenes ect

2- been talkign to my storyboard artist about drawing up some shot pics, for set ect, and design work

3- New spiderman suit comming very soon, hopfully 2 months. Then i will be making my own stunt suits, dye subbed, with latex webbing ect.

4- Fundraising for the film- Sponsors, car washes, bake sales lol, my job, "entertaining" , holding a concert. any other ideas?!
spiderfan_ENT said:
4- Fundraising for the film- Sponsors, car washes, bake sales lol, my job, "entertaining" , holding a concert. any other ideas?!

I would suggest some yardwork; for neighbors, churches, etc. My best friend does the gardening for his grandmother's church, and they dont pay too badly. Mow the lawn, trim the trees, and the like.
I think your best bet would be car washes, though; it's getting to be summertime, so people are going to be looking to get their cars clean. What you could do is sell refreshments at the car wash as well to bring in extra cash (soda, candy, ice cream, etc).
thanx alot tin man!, I FORGOT ABOUT THE CAR WASH IDEA!, thanx, ive also been designing t shirts, for bands, and doing photography:)
Right Now i am in the pre-production stage which consists of:

Story boarding-

By the end of the summer, i hope to have approx half shot. And trailer Released.:spidey:

any other questions :)? feel free to ask anything
Very interesting! Hope this works out well for you! Love to see the finished product!
all of that junk and everythign will be moved. Green Screened floor and walls. The crane can moved backwards, sideways, and turn. Perfect for swinging, and also comming in upside down;) lol
when you have the trailer pleast post it im very intrest in your movie
DEFINATELY! WILL DO!, im very excited! Here are some more updates- -90% sure for the cast of peter. Pics will be posted soon! -have met some more helpfull people, and camera operators:)
i will have to take a special shot soon, the pics of him his hair is to long.

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