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World FOREST HILLS - The Fan-Film Update


Mar 25, 2003
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Exactly one year ago I had the dream of creating a Spider-Man fan-film. One that was going to be different than any other; one that would be exceptional; one that would wow people.

Months after filming was half-way completed, cast members dropped because summer was over and their school classes were starting up again. After we pondered the idea of starting another film, we sat down and wrote a brand new script.

Most of you may remember this past film (Titled Ultimate Spider-Man). Now, we've transformed this into a totally new movie - new, dedicated cast members, a new script, new costumes, new props, and best of all, a new idea - a series that we will continue for as long as need be.

This film will be the first installment in a series of episodes. Each episode is approximately 45 minutes long.

And now, after months of hiding this from the public, I'd like to annouce that this film WILL be finished by the end of this summer, if not sooner. We are currently half-way done with shooting, and what we have shot so far is already edited. To view our new website, please visit:


To add to the excitement, we've also spoken with the local Police Department who's giving us two police officers to volunteer in the film, and have reserved a day to film at our City Hall for an office scene. We will be entering this in the Florida Film Festival next year as well.

-I told you guys I'd finish my film, whether it took a month or a year...and now here I am, finishing it. Enjoy the site, and feel free to ask me any questions you might have.
Very ambitious! I give you tons of kudos for taking on the task. I wish you the very best. Any chance you'll be posting images of your Spidey anytime soon?
We won't be posting spidey pictures until the new costume arrives (somewhere from 3-4 weeks from now).

Thanks man.
thats awesome man!
soo...will we have to buy the DvD and will u ever post a trailor up for download??? I think that'd be cool
how about some pics of the cast, I always like to see the actors.
A downloadable trailer will be available as we near the film's release - there's no set date on that just yet.

Also, the DVDs will be available and sold for only the price it costed to make (price for the case, burning, cd itself, shipping, etc.). We will NOT be making any profit off of that.

And yes, I'm going to have cast and crew profiles up within a few weeks which will have pictures of the people, along with a short bio.
Thanks man!

We did some serious filming today. We're heading up to Orlando tomarrow to get a few shots done, and filming some more tomarrow night as well. Things have been going pretty smooth lately!
Thanks guys.

We're working on a release date right now. My guess is it'll be either July 23rd, or July 30th...I can't really say which though. Within a month we'll hopefully have the set date :)
Frank, I have to give you kudos for doing something as cool as taking on the task of playing Spider-man/Peter Parker. It's not easy, Tobey did a kick-ass job of doing it, from what I already know;) and from what I remember about the last film, you do a good job in doing so. Keep up the good work and we'll talk on AIM soon enough. Everytime I sign on, it signs of and I can't go back on, I'm sure I'll get it to work again, that way we can talk about what you want me to work on. See ya.:)
I must say that your dedication for this project goes a lot further than I had expected, and certainly a lot further than most of the fan films out there.
I personally can't wait to see the film. It is very satisfying to see a fan film. It seems a lot more personal than most and you can see the difference when it is made by true fans.
Keep up the excellent work.
Thanks for all of your support guys. I'd never be able to do any of this without the fans like you. We've been taking at least 2, if not 3 days out of the week for filming (in fact, we're doing another scene tonight). My new costume for the movie should be here within a week too. We're going to film all of the scenes with the costume last (or all of the action scenes at least). I think those are the best to shoot.

Prowler: That's really cool! I wish I was there to get some good film. Send us some pics! ;)
Er, I accidentally posted twice...so I might as well throw in another few news bits while I'm here ;)

-It appears that our film might just run over an hour long
-We've shot so much that we're already on the third tape, lol (of course, a scene we did a few weeks ago was only 2 minutes long, and we got 26 minutes of footage). There's so many outtakes :p
-Marketing and advertising for the film will begin within a month. We are also working on getting FILM CREW Shirts in a few weeks, so if anyone's interested in having one, they're $8, plus $2 shipping. They're typically for our cast and crew, but anybody is welcome to purchase one. On the front it says Forest Hills in white letters, and on the back it says FILM CREW in big, bold, white letters (on a black shirt). Please let me know your size as well (and yes, I accept paypal).

Thanks everybody!
Nice to hear ur keepin up with this. I just have a question for you. How much spidey action will there be? Also, are u using any cgi for the swinging scenes, and spidey trademark moves?
spiderman boy -

I'm sorry, but I can't really talk about that at this point. Although, I will tell you that what we have in store is going to please you :)

(I'm near the Orlando area by the way).
I'm bumping this back up folks.

Our release date has been set for July 24th. If you're in the Orlando area, you're welcome to visit our screening that night. I can't give too many details as that's pretty far away from now...but I'll have them as the date approaches.

Also, the rating is PG-13 (obviously), and we added a cool photo of the mask we're using for the film on the main page. Plus, my bio along with Paul's (Director) is up. We'll hopefully have all of them up soon, along with more pictures of the cast/crew.

Thanks for the support guys! Comments are welcome!
I just wanted to say that this looks to be shaping up into a very cool production - I look forward to hearing more about it. :)

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