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Spider-Man: Unacceptable

Dark Carnage

Leo Zeppelin
Aug 17, 2002
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"Hurry up will ya!" shouted the masked leader of the latest group of idiots trying to rob this bank in broad daylight. The clerks could stop them from escaping by locking the doors, and though they would be able to protect themselves with the security shields, the customers would be at their mercy. So they had no choice but let them escape. They pulled the heavy doors open and piled into the waiting car as fast as they could. The last door hadn't even shut before the leader was shouting again "C'mon! Let's go!" Yet they remained still. They all turned to the driver and saw something they should have taken a split second to realise earlier, his hands and feet were tied together, and his mouth covered in some sort of grey thick rubber. "Ok guys, this is bad. I think I've seen this stuff before." his voice had gone from a blazing fire of command to a matchstick flame of fear. One of the guys in the back leaned forward and said "Yeah, and last time I saw it that guy was using it to take down Doctor Octopus." His left arm straightened in front of him, his index finger extended and sitting on the back of the car in front was none other than Spider-Man.

He was sitting with his right foot resting on the bumper, his left foot on his right knee, leaning back with his left hand supporting him. And dangling in his right hand were their car keys. With one smooth movement, he threw keys at the windscreen and just as they hit the glass a blast of webbing glued them in place. And blocking their view of the hero lying in wait. "So what do we do now?" asked the other back seated felon.

The leader turned around to face them both and pointed to in incapacitated driver "Well, Mr. Observant here has got himself caught already; we can't get this web stuff off him even if we tried. Now, The Spider ain't no killer, so I say we make a run for it, at worst we get ruffed up, at best we get away. But either way, I think it's better than just sittin' here and waitin' for cops to show. Ok?" Both nod in agreement. "Ok, remember the rule, anyone who gets caught says nothing. Right? Good. Well guys, hope you make it. If not, see you on the inside." One last deep breath and all brace for the oncoming dash for freedom.

"Aaaannd, GO!" All three move together like choreographed dancers. Only to have their heads smack into the door windows. Nothing was said as it was quite apparent what had happened. Nearly all light had been stopped from entering the car and everyone had been stopped from exiting the car. Spider-Man had webbed the doors shut and covered windows to stop them breaking out. They all looked to each other; hoping one would have some sort of plan or idea about what to do now. Instead all possible hope was diminished as they heard police sirens drawing closer. Excepting their fate, they all fell back into their seats and gave a collective sigh.

With the cops at the scene, Spider-Man leaves, knowing they should be able to take it from here. He makes a quick stop to pick up his camera and continues on his way. Now fifty stories high, he's free. Peter Parker's troubles are for a short while, forgotten. He can feel more alive in these few moments when he leaves one webline and shoots another, than most people can in their entire lives. He's not reliant on anything, and nothing is relying on him. But these moments are too short and are often interrupted. Just like now, barely thirty seconds from leaving the sounds of sirens behind, his Spider Sense kicks in. The world slows to a crawl, the impending danger registers like a blip on a radar. It's coming from behind, fast, which seems to be the trend for attacks out of the blue. Without a thought, his reaction is already planned. He leans back slightly, brings his legs together while bending at the knee, straightens his arms a while bringing them behind him. He waits for seems like a few seconds, but is really a small fraction of that. "Wait for it, wait for it...NOW!" with this command ringing through his head he swings arms around to his head, leans back a little more and plants his hands on the oncoming object. In the same movement he kicks his legs up and pushes off, so he ends up above and out of danger. Looking down on threat as it sped toward the street below, a shock delayed his reaction.

Out of all the possible things that he thought could have been hurtling towards him this high up, it definitely wasn't this. The car full of robbers he left outside the bank, webbed doors and all, was now thirty odd stories high and heading towards a crash landing. He wanted to think this through a little longer, but he had already wasted too much time and people were in serious danger. He throws his hand forwards hoping to shoot a webline to somehow snag the car and stop it reaching the street. But before he has a chance to push his two middle fingers into his palm, his Spider Sense returns with a short clear message. DUCK! He lowers his head and feels a bullet barely miss his neck. "Where the hell did that come from!?" he thinks to himself. As he returned his attention to the car, he notices it's too late.

The car has reached ground level and hit another car, parked next to the sidewalk. Hitting with such speed it doesn't stop with just the other car, it flips over and crashes down the path where many pedestrians are walking. It was too quick for some, who are crushed like flies under a newspaper. Eight deaths in total, if you include the four robbers that would still be in the car. It's probably a good thing the windows were still covered in webbing; it's not going to be a pretty site inside. Spider-Man swings down to a reception of cries and screams, but they are all drowned out by his own confusion. "Where did the car come from? It would take some serious strength to throw the car from all the way back by the bank, and there are no reports of the likes of Hulk or Juggernaut being in the area. And that bullet, its trajectory suggest that it would have to had to been fired from a point of which is in thin air. Not to mention that it was a single shot, at a critical moment. Something strange is going on." He couldn't take any photos with all these people looking at him, so he leapt into the air, taking to a webline.
Thanks man, I'm not too confidence in my writing ability, but there's an idea in my head I just have to show to everyone.

It might be completely against continuity, I'm not sure. Or it could just be completely ridiculous. Only time will tell.

He decided to go back to the bank and ask the cops what happened to the car. He landed on a rooftop facing the bank and noticed something strange, the cops were gone. "Ok, that’s a little weird. Maybe there’s special on doughnuts somewhere." Before he could make up his mind as to what to do next, his Spider Sense gave an ever so slight tingle that something was slowly heading towards his head from the right. Without looking, he raised his hand and pulled it out of the air. It was a paper plane, with the words "Open Me" written across both wings. He did so; the message on the inside said "This time, take me seriously." He looked around, but no one was to be seen. He screwed up the plane and said to himself "Well, that’s made me feel a whole lot better."

He was hoping that a little webslinging would make him feel better, but it didn't. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but, where's a mugger when you need one?" Hoping that leaving one hanging for the cops would relieve him of this nagging worry that had been pestering him since he read the note. "Who could it be? The way I talk when fighting; I'm surprised anyone thinks I take them seriously." He tried to list possibilities, but there were so many. And then his attention was grabbed by two men fighting down below.

He landed with a slight thud; the two men stopped and looked at him. Spider-Man stood legs bent and hunched over, "I know what you're thinking, why don't I look before I leap?" He raised his left foot and plucked out a small but sharp stone. "Y'know, I really should think about making the soles thicker. Maybe a little more padding. What do you think?" The men didn't know what to think. Spider-Man, the guy who is always on the front of the Bugle in some sort of battle with some super powered maniac, is stand here trying to sort out a traffic dispute.

"Anyone going to tell me what happened? Oh wait! Let me guess, he revved you at the lights, right?" With a slightly delayed response, one of the men replied "No, nothing like that. My car, for some reason, jumped off the ground sideways and crashed into the side of his car. And he thinks I did it deliberately. How am I supposed to make my car jump deliberately, in mid traffic? It’s a huge piece of crap, not a supped up low-rider." The other man turned to him and snapped, "Maybe your a mutant, I've seen the stuff they can do. Lifting a car off the ground isn't beyond some mutants."

And so they got back into the circle of argument. "I'm no mutant! And even if I were, what would I gain from smashing up our cars? And if I could lift things off the ground, don't you think I would do it to myself? And fly rather than drive?" Though his point was valid, it wasn't taken on board by the other man. But before he could start up again, Spider-Man tried to put and end to it "Right, ok, how about you both stop this, swap numbers and get moving instead of holding up traffic? Or I can simply throw your cars aside and let everyone through, your choice." They both gained pace in sorting the matter. And within five minutes were on they're way.

He hadn't let on, but Spider-Man felt something was odd about this accident. "His car just jumped?" he asked himself as he once again took to the air and swung around the streets. Rather than worry about something so small, he tried to brush himself off with a lame excuse, "Ahhh, it's hardly on the city wide scale of trouble. Chances are that guy was right. Probably was just some young mutant kid, who's just discovered their power and is having some fun. Probably time to take these photos of the robbery to the Bugle anyway." And with that he headed in the direction of his bread earner.

After collecting the bit of money Jameson managed to pry out of his wallet, Peter Parker is now waiting outside a familiar cafe, waiting for his Wife. Collecting his thoughts, he is interrupted by an alarm going off not too far away, “Mary Jane shouldn’t be here for another ten minutes, should be enough to put an end to this.”

He slipped into a nearby alley and made the quick change from Parker to Spider-Man and was leaping from rooftop to rooftop before long. He found the place responsible for the noise, and noticed a person standing on its roof. Just waiting, waiting for him? His Spider-Sense wasn’t warning him of any danger, so he decides to take a closer look. He then realises he knows this person, not well, but he’s fought him before. If you can call it that, it was more of an embarrassing lesson in defeat. It was the loser himself, The Spot.

“Hello Spider-Man, you got here a lot quicker than I thought you would. I knew you’d get here eventually, but it’s only been a few minutes since I tripped the alarm and you’re already here. That’s impressive.” Spider-Man crosses his arms, “I happened to be in the neighbourhood, just lucky I guess.” The Spot walks a bit closer, “I have no intention of committing a crime upon this place. I have no need to steal at the moment. The last place I hit will do me over for quite some time.” Spider-Man asks the obvious question, “Well, what is all this in aid of then?” The Spot smiles, “I’m glad you asked, I simply wanted to get your attention, so I could say I’m sorry.”

Spider-Man raises his hands in a confused gesture, “Sorry for what? Wasting my time?” The Spot quickly answers, “No, no, no, well yes, but not for this. For being a worthless foe.” Spider-Man tilts his head slightly, “Right… I’m guessing there’s more in this apology for you than me, correct? I mean, it’s not like I care about you being who you are.” The Spot puts his hands into the two of the portal on his legs, using them like pockets, “You’re right, this is more for me than you. It’s something I need to get off my chest.” Spider-Man sits down and crosses his legs, “Could you make it quick? I’ve got somewhere to be.”

"Sure, ok, all my life I've accomplished everything I ever wanted to. Everything I was told I couldn't do, I did. No matter how impossible it seemed, I worked as hard as I could to prove them wrong." Spider-Man drops his head slightly and thinks to himself "I don't have time for this" but asks the question Spot wants to hear. "Who?" This is it, the gate Spot has wanted for so long, wanted so much to let everything out and he takes this chance. "EVERYONE! Everyone was against me, I don't know why, maybe it was because of my intelligence. Whatever it was, it excluded me. I wasn't bullied but I was never accepted." Spot stops for a moment, looks downwards and quietly laughs to himself. "Ok, there was one time I was accepted."

He raised his head again. "All year the guys had been trying their best to impress the best looking girl in school, hoping that when it came to the dance, they would be the lucky one. I also hoped that, and though I hadn't made any attempt to sway her choice, I did want to go to dance with her. And so I made it my goal to get to know her. Which I did, it took quite some time and a lot of effort, but she finally embraced me, she was fantastic. Perfect in fact. Beautiful, kind, caring, honest, loving. Perfect. So much so, she saw what everyone else couldn't. She saw me, the real me, not the guy who has to sit alone because everyone else has shunned him for an unknown reason."

"And so we went to the dance together, I could feel the envy, it was intense. But that's all I could feel, no respect, no acceptance, a little hatred. I think I could have dealt with that, because she was now the only person who I cared of what she thought of me." Spider-Man still sitting, lays down and uncrosses his legs, leaving his feet on the ground with his legs bent, "This is all very beautiful, but do I really need to hear it? Can't you just write a book about it? If you're lucky you might even sell a copy." Though Spot's eyes were completely white, it was easy to see he wasn't impressed. "No, I need to tell you this, and you need to hear it." This was strange, for a guy who is known for being about as life threatening as a wart on the end of your nose, he was certainly sounding like one of the big boys.

"Everything was great for about six months, then she was killed, for being a mutant. I was crushed, depressed, and almost suicidal." Spot looks downwards and shakes his head "Heh, you know what stopped me? That was the time everyone decided I was their friend. Because the most popular person in school turned out to be a Mutant, and I wasn't, I was somehow now more worthy of their acceptance. Like I needed them to get over the fact that I had touched a mutant. Even though it didn't bother me. But can you believe that, it only took the death of the most important person in my life to be accepted by everyone else. But from then on, my curse was lifted. I was never an outsider again; I was never pushed aside like I was nothing. That was until I met you."

"When it came to my job, everyone looked up to me, I was at the top and I liked it. Then this happened, which I don't regret. However, when I was defeated by you, I was right back in school again. You refused to accept me as a valid threat." Spider-Man's mask and body position remain constant, but it's obvious he's raising an eyebrow "But you weren't." Spot smiles "How true, like I said I was back in school, but this time not only was I being refused acceptance, but I was doing a little of that myself. To my powers. As soon as I got them I thought I knew everything about them. I was unwilling to accept the fact that I didn't know the first thing about them. And now, after spending countless hours dedicated myself to respecting and learning about them, I am here to make you accept me as the threat I really am. To prove to you I'm no longer the loser you think I am."

And just as Spot has finished saying that Spider-Man's head began to buzz with a furious rage, he pushed himself off the ground with his feet as fast as he could and noticed something fly past, it was another car. It flew over the edge and crashed into the street below, taking out the front of a small shop. Spider-Man spun backwards and landed crouched with a realisation, "It was you!" An unsettling smile had fixed itself on Spot's face, "Well, duh! Think it was a coincidence I just happened to show up on the day you’re nearly hit by a car in mid air?”
So far..it's awesome.:D

I've always thought The Spot was vastly underated.:o :D
Well, then hopefully you're in for a nice surprise.

But I feel you're being too kind. I mean I did ask you to give it a read.

Only problem is, it's going to be a lot of "Spider-Man this, Spot that." If you can tolerate reading that it should be good.

I'll give you a rest though and post the next bit up tomorrow.
No, if it sucked, I'd tell you the truth.:o

But thankfully it doesn't suck, so neither of us have to go through that argument.:D :up:

Four portals opened up beside Spot, two on each side and out stepped four masked men. One of them put one foot forward and pointed at Spider-Man "Betcha you thought you were pretty clever, eh? Leavin' us there trapped in our own car for the cops." Spider-Man is shocked for a moment, but tries to remain unphased "Ahhh, so that's where that well timed bullet came from." The Spot laughs to himself "My, my, you are a sharp one." Spider-Man tilts his head slightly and asks "But what did you do with the cops?" Spot points to their location "They're quite safe, going to take them quite a while to get back to the station though, being in the middle of the Hudson River and all."

Spider-Man's friendly tone drops significantly "They're safe, can't say the same for those who were killed thanks to your little power display earlier. Plus that shop you just took out. Let's just hope no one got hurt that time." Spot brings his right hand to his chin and looks downwards, "Yes that was an unfortunate result. If only you had stopped it." Spot smiled knowing all too well that he had made sure it wasn't possible for Spider-Man to stop it reaching the ground. "But enough with the talk, let's get this thing started." He then looks to the lead gang member, standing to his right and holds out his hand. The gang member then gives him one of his guns. Spot then gives an encouraging nod, "In your own time."

Each of the men run at Spider-Man guns pointed forward and ready to fire. The shoot as they run, getting closer and closer, making it less distance for the bullets to travel and less time for Spider-Man to react. But it doesn't make any difference, in a twisting flash of red and blue, they are all scattered on the ground at Spot's feet. "What were you thinking?" Spider-Man asks in his usual joking manner "Didn't you realise I dodge bullets on a daily basis? Or do those portals send your brain to another dimension as well? I hope you notice the irony of this, you talk about proving yourself, but you’re using other people to do it." Spot's face displays a sense of false disappointment "Of course I realised that, I may not be the most feared villain in New York... yet, but that doesn't mean I'm stupid." In an instant the four unconscious thieves fell into portals that appeared underneath them, and as soon as they closed, four new ones opened and they were fired at Spider-Man like bags of sand.

Firing a webline to each of them, he then ducks and allows them to pass over him and the edge of the building. He holds on and lets the momentum pull him over the edge as well. As he falls he shoots another webline back against the building and swings down to the street. He drops them to the ground, covers them in a layer of webbing to make sure they stay put, then jumps up onto the wall and quickly crawls to the top to face Spot again. Spot is still confidently waiting with his arms crossed. "So, manage to get them all?" Spider-Man blows on the end of his fingers and rubs them on his chest "Please, it's not like I've only been doing this for a week. But I have to say this is a step up for you. Nearly killing your own men, I'm impressed. I thought for sure when I crawled back up here you'd be sobbing away like a little girl who lost site of her Daddy at the fair." Spot slowly closes his eyes and reopens them "Well then you must be easily impressed, because I haven't even begun to get started."

Spot then raises his hand, still holding the gun he had taken from the gang member, pointing it directly at Spider-Man, aiming for his chest, "Ready?" Spider-Man looks around in a confused fashion "Didn't you see what just happened? Y'know, four guys with guns, me, their butts got kicked, ring a bell?" A smile crept up one side of Spot's face, "Oh I saw it, very funny. But this, this is going to be side splitter, literary."

And with that Spot brought the gun down to his side, opened a portal and shot a single bullet into it. He then closed the portal immediately, in that same instant two dozen portals surrounded Spider-Man. Each about five feet away from him. As soon as the portals formed, Spider-Man's Spider-Sense began to blaze like it did only once in a while. As the bullet came from one portal it flew right into another. For Spider-Man, dodging gunfire had become easy a long time ago, but that was when it was a rain of bullets from only a few directions. This one was one bullet coming from all directions at the same time. He was having perform so many manoeuvres at once, that rather than be the graceful acrobat everyone knew, he now looked like an uncoordinated mess of twists and flips. After what seemed like hours, the bullet's velocity had begun to drop, and as tired as he was, with the help of his Spider-Sense and extraordinary reflexes, plucked the bullet out of the air and fell the ground, exhausted.

The portals disappeared and Spot walked over, though still keeping a distance he crouched down and leant his elbows on his knees, "Wow! That was incredible. And you’re unharmed, well it seems the bullet grazed you a couple of times, I can see a few rips in your costume, but still that was pretty impressive. I now regret not having a video camera handy.” Spot pauses and turns his excited tone into a more serious one, “Now that was a little taster of what I intend to do. You see what happens when you finally stop neglecting things; I finally accepted that there was more to these powers than just opening portals. It's amazing how much you can improve yourself when you're completely dedicated to embracing your potential. Take this for example, I always thought I was limited to using the portals on my body, but wouldn't you know, I was wrong. And that's not the only thing I was wrong about, but you are going to have to wait to find out what I mean. I'll let you catch your breath and I'll see you in say, two hours? I don't know, but when I decide, I'll make it easy enough for you to figure out. See ya later." And with that, a portal open behind Spot, he walked into waving.

As it shut, Spider-Man clambered to his feet, still breathing rather heavily, "Well that was embarrassing, I feel like the Quarterback who just got taught a lesson by a Male Cheerleader. I hope no one saw that... oh wait, my camera did. Great, I need the money, but even I have enough pride not to sell them to J.J." He collected his camera and spent the next hour swinging around town thinking of just how much Spot has stepped up his game. "He's gone through a real personality change; maybe all those jibes finally got to him and made him focus. I guess I am really going to have to take him seriously."

It had been about an hour since Spot had disappeared, and Spider-Man was still hurting from the encounter. Sure he gained a few grazes, but it was his pride hurting the most. For a guy to takes on the hard hitters from time to time, being taught a lesson by Spot felt like a step backwards. Though really, this wasn't the Spot he had fought before, this Spot is focused, prepared and more importantly he now wants to prove something, which means he's desperate for recognition. This also means he's dangerous to everyone. He then lets go of the webline he is swinging from and falls a short distance to the building below.

Landing with a gentle ease, he walked to the edge and looks over the small section of city this building has in its view. A familiar voice came from his left "Ok, the scenery isn't bad, but the smell is infinitely better about 4 blocks down. Nothing smells quite like fresh donuts." Spider-Man turns to his right and notices the Spot's upper half poking out of a portal. "Oh yeah, keep your eyes open, the show is going to start in about twenty minutes. Be on your toes, see ya soon." And with that Spot drew backwards into the portal. Only the portal stayed open for a second too long. Something small flew out of the portal, and then it closed. Spider-Man's Spider-Sense started to go, it was a grenade.

The street below was too crowded to simply throw it, so he used his remaining web fluid to smother the grenade. It blew, but his webbing caught the explosion and for a short moment expanded into spiked balloon. And as fast as it began it was over, now it was just a mess of bubblegum like webbing with grenade fragments. "Twenty minutes, that should give me enough time to get home and grab some web cartridges." He then bounded across the rooftops making his way home.

It wasn't far from the twenty minutes Spot spoke of, Spider-Man had got the cartridges he wanted and was now sitting on the side of the Empire State building, about half way up, looking for The Spot's signal. One of The Spot's portals opened up below Spider-Man, he looked at it expecting Spot's head to come peeping out, but instead it closed. Spider-Man then realised something, someone was falling.

He went into a dive and pushed down off the building as hard as he could. He managed to catch up to them, who turned out to be a young woman and got a hold of her. Though this hadn't left him much time, he looked for a decent place to shoot a webline, and was about to squeeze his palm when he noticed something. He must have fallen into another portal when he was looking for that webline anchor, because now, he was about two miles above the city.

The woman he had stopped from smashing into the ground had been holding onto him with all her strength, and she looked up at the sky as the building grew towards the clouds, then the buildings were gone. She turned her head to face the ground, and screamed at the top of her voice, right into Spider-Man's ear. Who then calmly replied, "Would you mind not doing that into my ear? Look, you're going to have to trust me on this, I'm going to nose dive and set up a net to catch you. But you have to stay falling in this area, don't try to move anywhere, just look down stay horizontal and stretch your arms and legs as much as you can. And just before you land in the net, turn over onto your back and you will be fine."

With that he took form and fell to the Earth like an Olympic diver. Racing towards the ground, he wondered if he should have thought this through before rushing into it. But the time for that was over, he was now at even height with the skyscrapers and had to give this a go. Now between two of them he fired a webline to each, creating a double bungee. He brought his feet back to where they should be, preparing for the stop. The webbing continued to stretch and he was still heading pretty fast for the street below. With less than ten stories to go he finally began to feel a drop in his descent. As though he had planned it to a tee, he came to a stop and gently placed his feet on the ground. Letting go of the weblines before they pulled him up and threw him back into the sky.

And as quickly as his fingers extended, his two middle fingers on each hand curled back into his palm. He began to fire more weblines, creating a large net for the woman to land safely in. Who was arriving just on time. It was now up to her, there was no time to do anything, On the outside Spider-Man was standing confident in his work, waiting for the inevitable moment where everyone would realise he knew what he was doing. But on the inside, Peter Parker was one of the bystanders, unable to help and fear pouring through his body.

She was mere feet from the web; it looked like she was about to land on her front. This wasn't good, there is a chance going at her speed she will break her neck and back. But like a pro, she spun at the very last moment and landed perfectly on her back in the very centre of the net. She was fine, and the slight stickiness was enough to hold her in place and make sure she didn't fly off and continue her plummet to the ground. After the web had returned to it's original state after all the stretching from the impact and had stopped bobbing up and down, Spider-Man placed her safely on the street, leaving her to return to her life and while he returned to his.
Come on, what happened to the other chapters?:D :up:
I'd actually given up hope of people reading this.

But I put the next bit up later today.

I'm still not sure how I go about ending this.

Climbing to the top of the closet building, he looked around to see if Spot was leaving a calling card, "Now I must say, that was very impressive. I wasn't sure if you would be able to pull it off. But hey, I underestimate you, you underestimate me, it's a viscous cycle." Without even looking in Spot's direction, Spider-Man kicks behind him, hoping to catch Spot in the chin and knock him out cold, putting this to an end before it goes any further. But unlike him, he misses. "C'mon, do you think I would stand right behind you? Give me a little credit, I'm not stupid, I used to be a scientist you know." He wasn't lying; he had simply placed a portal behind Spider-Man and another over his mouth and spoke into it. He was actually standing about thirty feet away. The portals closed and they both just looked at each other.

"Why? Why did you bring that innocent woman into it? I thought this was YOU, proving your worth to ME! Where did she come into it!?" Spider-Man barks furiously. Spot tilts his head to the right, "Err, because she's an innocent. Everyone knows the only people taken seriously by the likes of you, are those who put people in danger. Any law breaker who doesn't want to hurt people is never taken seriously. It's like an unwritten law." Spider-Man tries to end it now, "Ok, you win; you're now a legitimate threat. I'm now going to stop you and take to the police station. Ok?"

Spot begins to laugh "Hahaha, over!? Don't insult me, I've put one innocent person in a life threatening situation and you think I'm just going to stop because you give me an unfelt statement of acceptance. I don't think so. I've been planning this confrontation for months. I've spent more hours than I can remember practicing with my powers so they could reach their zenith. This doesn't stop until either I'm dead or I get that same sentence you just said, but filled with fright, terror, fear and a new found respect for me. And I don't think you're the killing type, so it seems option two is the most probable."

Spider-Man takes a stance of preparation, "Well, that sounds exciting and all, but it's kinda my job to stop those types of things from happening. So, no hard feelings?" Barely finishing the word he leapt forward and fired two weblines, but Spot had counted on this and opened two portals, the weblines sped off into oblivion. "If you really want me to think you've accepted me as a worthy opponent, you're going to have to stop treating me like I'm stupid." Spider-Man lands with his legs slightly bent, "I have, just testing your reaction speed." Spot smiles, “Interesting.”
Fun- I'm enjoying this. You'll be hard-pressed to have Spidey win convincingly, however- set up a trap? That's the bad thing about creating a dilemma in a story- you have to get one step ahead of yourself and solve it, too. It's good and you've got this reader "on your side," as they say. I'm predisposed to like whatever direction you take this in.
Thanks for that.

I've had an idea of how to finish it for quite a while, it's just that I think it could be a lackluster one. However, I'm glad people are enjoying this, but really my intention was never to write a good story. All I really wanted to do was show how The Spot, who nearly everyone considers a joke villain, has the potential to become a serious player in Marvel.

And I didn't realise it had been that long since I last posted, I'll put the next part up tonight.

Both wait a moment, trying to guess the other’s next move. The Spot’s face suddenly has a burst of remembrance. “Oh, I have something I want to show you. Street level, now.” Spot opens a portal beneath him and descends into it. And rises from the floor of the sidewalk below. Spider-Man takes the less dramatic approach and simply crawls down the side of the building. Just under two stories high he pushes off the wall, somersaults and lands into a crouched position, without any indication of effort. The people walking by started to step into the road so they could stay clear of any danger. Some even noticed them and started walking in the opposite direction.

He walks over to Spot, slightly cautious, “Well, what is this thing you have to show me?” Though Spot keeps his distance, it’s easy to see his face is lit up with pride, “Ok, so in my time training for all this, I found a nice little trick. I performed earlier; you saw the result but didn’t see me do it.” Spider-Man jumps in, “And now I’m going to see you do it. Great, just little problem, I’m not sure what the result is I saw.” Spot points to the road, heaving with traffic, “Ok, keep an eye out for a familiar site.” And with that a car jumps a couple of feet into the air and crashes onto the bonnet of another. Now the result is recognisable, as if it were scripted Spot knew the next words that would come out of Spider-Man’s mouth, “So you caused a car accident, one how, two why is that meant to impress me?”

Spot answers the questions just like he had gone through it a thousand times, “Ok, one, I found out that I can control the exit speeds of anything that enters any of my portals. I open a portal underneath the wheels of a car, the wheel falls in, I push it out and presto, the car jumps and smashes into the other car. And two, the reason you should be impressed is because, on a grander scale, it allows me to do this.” Every car that was driving down that street suddenly jumped in every and all directions. Some missed each other by mere millimetres, while others smashed directly into each other thirty feet above the ground and came crashing down together. “See, that’s also how I managed to… “Throw”… those cars at you earlier.”

It only lasted a few seconds, but the destruction was unbelievable and the amount of deaths was anyone’s guess. “Think I could give Magneto a run for his money?” asked Spot in a self impressed manner. Though covered by his mask, Spider-Man’s jaw was almost unhinged, “Why did you do that!? What did that accomplish!?” Spot turns to face him, looking almost disappointed, “Surely you know? Have you forgotten my mission already?” Spider-Man’s mind is clouded with rage, “But that was just stupid. It was pointless, mindless slaughter!” Spot feels insulted, “Pointless, far from it. You’re beginning to realise just how much I’ve grown. And mindless, that's an insult. Do you have any idea how much concentration that took? I bet I used my mind more in these last few moments, than you do in an entire year.”

Spider-Man decides that Spot has only just begun and is building to something big, so he’s going to have to take him out now. A nicely placed strike to the jaw and Spot will be down for the count. Only problem is, getting him to catch some Z’s isn’t the problem is, he’s going to wake up some time and how do you restrain a man how can hop into another dimension? The answer to that will have to wait, Spot had noticed Spider-Man was preparing an assault and was ready.
WOW (jaw droppes thru the floor) this is amazing you could sell this for real you should so write scripts for comics or the new spider-man movies
Whoa! that's quite a complement. :eek:

Thank You.

I'll get the next bit up later.

There was but maybe twenty feet between the two and Spot feeling defensive, had littered the path with portals, “I know what you’re thinking; I’d be planning the same thing if I were you. But because I know what you’re thinking, I know what I’m going to do to prevent it.” The portals begin to move together and before long were flying around in a circular pattern. Three sets of a six portals spinning around like rotors on a jet engine. As they all spun together clockwise, each individual was spinning counter clockwise, “Isn’t this interesting? The centre, the portal itself can’t cause harm to anything, but the edges, who knows. And going at this speed, the edges could be like a finely made katana blade effortlessly slicing through a silk shirt. Or they could not, let’s find out together shall we?”

Spot was ready to start showing off with his new toy, and Spider-Man was wondering how to get around them, when both of their concentrations were interrupted by something you wouldn’t expect to find in a war zone. “Spider-Man! Spider-Man!” shouted a young boy, no older than seven, running down the street. It looked like a hurricane had just passed by, yet this child was oblivious to it because his hero was within his sight. Spot begins to laugh, “Ho-oh-oh my, this is so perfect I couldn’t have even planned it.” Spider-Man is hit by a cold chill, like falling into the freezing waters of the Antarctic, “Has Spot descended that far into madness?”

Spot turns his head to the right, but keeps his eyes on Spider-Man, “Watch your step kid, if you fall there’s no telling where you might land.” The sentence spoken, the implication made, now taking its physical form, directly in the path of the boy who was but just a few feet away, a portal opened on the ground. Spider-Man was on autopilot, no thoughts just actions. He leapt as fast as he could into the air and over the spinning portals. The boy had kept his eyes locked on Spider-Man and wasn’t even looking at the floor, his right foot left the ground for the final time before plunging into the darkness.

He couldn’t see anything but the boy, like everything else was Gray, while the boy shone vibrantly in colour. His arms extended to their fullest, trying desperately to make the distance between him and the boy as short as possible, every millimetre was vital because it had a direct effect on how much time he had. He watched as the boy’s balance left him as he stepped into the portal. He was watching himself fail again, how could he go on if this child right in front of him, had his life ripped away when he was so close to saving him?

But then, like flying into a space to small to fit through, he noticed he had been stopped dead in mid air, he had fallen into a trap. His arms, about half way up his biceps, were in two of Spot’s portals, he tried to pull his arms out of the portals, but for some reason he couldn’t, it was impossible.

He looked down to see the boy hadn’t completely fallen into the portal. In fact, Spot was helping him out, “Ok, now be a good boy and go back to you’re Mother, is that her over there, crying?” The boy looks down the street, the way he had run from and saw his Mother in a panic filled state, “Why is Mommy crying?” Spot removes the portal placed on his face, to reveal his human self, “Mommy thinks you could be hurt, she doesn’t see you over here. So she doesn’t know you’re ok and is really worried about you.” The boy looks as though he’s now about to cry, “But I only wanted to see Spider-Man.” Spot smiles, “I know, but Spider-Man is a bit busy at the moment, but next time you see him, make sure you stay near you Mom when you call him, because Spider-Man might be chasing a bad man.”

The boy looks up at Spider-man who can’t do anything and then back at Spot, “Are you a bad man?” Spot smiles, “No kid, I’m not bad, not anymore.” He then looks up at the incapacitated Spider-Man and smiles, “In fact, I’d say I’m pretty good.” Bringing his eyes back to the boy he says, “Ok now, you go back to your Mom.” “Bye Spider-Man!” The boy runs towards his Mother while looking backwards and waving to them both.
Awesome; I loved the coldness of Spot mentioning the edges of the portals as an unknown factor, speculating that they might cut like Katanas- scary- but how the hell will you get Spidey out of THIS jam? Caught in two portals- and Spot could concievably close them, severing his arms...
__I'm convinced that Spot should get a rethink at Marvel!

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