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SpiderHulkThings Haves/Wants Thread

k, well I'll give you doc ock like i said in return for all the cards you get, and I'll give you Mystery Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man together for a trade for one Marvel Fig since you're helping me with the cards. So I can hold on to them till you have some more cards and until you have something to trade for.

Blade on the otherhand has been spoken for. But if that changes I'll let you know.

You know what sucks, being called into work when it's your day off. Guess I'm off. :(
Yes that does suck.. but what sucks even more... being called into work on your ONLY day off TWICE and thus then raking in a total of 19 7-10 hour shifts in a row :)

oh and SHT... I have 28 MFF cards you can have.
sweet. Yeah, just keep those rolling in then. Free Doc Ock sounds good and one fig for Mr. Fantastic mystery fig and Iron man? Also I'm going to go get you and Bat, hopefully, a Series 1 Batman Hush fig right now.
no prob. Any cards I get are yours. I dont have that one you need though :p I dunno why you want more but wahetever floats your boat :p I bought up every MFF fig TRU and target had so I have seven of them now :p yeah one fig sounds good for the two. I have cases of ML14 and 15 pre ordered so you and ftb have first dibs on whatever I dont need :p
sounds good. Apparently I got the last batman series 1 hush fig the other day. no more, sorry :( and about the cards, i almost have two sets each. almost.
which ones are you missing for your second set
just send all your cards. I use spare cards to trade for more cards. I'm not sure off hand. why? have you decided to try to build the poster yourself too now or something?
nope. I wanted to see if i had them though :p

Have you updated your list yet? I'm looking to get a few Joe vehicles. Do you still have the original Power Rangers megazord? Aaaaand...what Gargoyles stuff do you have?
I have like every gargoyle. They are sitting here next to me, i'm trying to post pics of them, but i need someone to help me fix my camera. I have all the reg gargoyles, the robot gargoyles including the bad guy robot and robot lex, robot goliath etc. I also have the fiere goliath, ice brooklin, stone broadway, stone lex, zanatos, elisa, the scottish guy, zanatos car, brooklins motorcycle, some gargoyle plane, goliath's brother, the half robot half gargoyle guy, demona, and a few others.

GI Joe Vehecals, i have a bunch, but they are packed up. let me know what you want and i'll see if i have it. Post pics or PM me links to pics on ebay and i can say if i have it or not. I also have a fold up GI joe base and i have the terrordome complete with firebat and pilot.
i'm really trying to get ride of the gargoyles in a lump sum if possible. The guy at my comicbook store said he might know someone interested in getting some or all from me. I'll send you pics as soon as i get them. All are in great condition and i mainly just displayed them. Hudson has a few reddish marks on his face, but they aren't that bad and you can't see them from a few feet away, only if you look real close.
hey sht... why did you ask which mff i needed 0.o remember that curiosity killed the spiderhulkthing :d

just kidding :/
Well, I don't know what I really want in terms of GI Joe vehicles. I don't have a specific want, I wanted to see what you had. Perhaps that base, do you have any boats? Or even a slight idea of what you have?
i know i have a small orange boat good for one fig. i have a newer figure, like 4 years ago helicopter, i have a couple hiss tanks also newer, i have the warthog. I'll try to post pics soon as i get someone to configure my camera right. And which base are you interested in, the GI joe base or the Terror Dome? I had to pay $300 for the terrordome, now i'm not asking that. But i'm going to take pics and let you tell me what you think it's worth. I'm not asking for that much or anything like that, i just don't want to give it away if you know what i mean. I got a comic book guy interested in looking at it around my parts now. I'll compare your and his offer for it. But I'll take it into consideration that i've known you longer and all that too.
Well, Saint is a cool guy. Hopefully you guys can work out something.
yeah. i'm not out to screw anyone or anything. i've forgotton how much i paid for a lot of the GI Joe Stuff, but $300 is hard to forget. You'll be impressed with how great the condition of it is though. And I'll really do my best to make it fair to both of us. I'll try to get that stupid camera to work soon. I might boot up my laptop to see if it will work, but i'll do that tomorrow.
and saint, are you interested enough for me to take pics of all my gargoyles? or are there only certain ones you want?
If you can get a good deal on them from the comic store guy, do that. If you want to get pictures anyways, that's cool too. I'm interested, but like I said, if you can get a good deal take it.
trying to post pic.


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More villains


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Zanatos's Hotrod


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Elemental Gargoyles.


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Elisa and Golliath, and stone golliath.


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